1. FunnyMan

    Milltek worth it?

    Hi all, I bought my Clio Sport 200 a couple months ago and I am looking at buying an aftermarket exhaust. I have seen a lot of praise for the Akrapovic system but I live in Liechtenstein, where only the Slip-on is allowed. The Scorpion ones are also not allowed (For some unknown reason) Ktec is...
  2. tchalikias

    Ultimate Clunking Mystery Extravaganza - 12th Anniversary Edition!

    I recently opened another thread regarding a new grinding/rubbing noise from the front left on my 2010 200, and since I'm gonna be taking care of it, as I did a few other things lately after a few years of not really dealing with car-related issues, I figure that perhaps, a decade later, I can...
  3. mayoextra

    Tom Tom swap to Clock unit

    Hey guys I recently purchased a 2010 200 in Numbers grey with loads of extras, absolutely love the car but totally lacking in the audio department. so far I’ve fitted some front and rear speakers but still want some more kick supplied by a more power headunit I know the Tom Tom will become...
  4. tomhlord

    Lambda sensor and gear ratios

    Hello there! I just picked up a used Renaultsport Clio 200 (with the Cup chassis). 10 years old, 52,000 miles, very tidy. I would appreciate any help from this community please and a pleasure to find this online! Within two weeks of ownership, the car started spluttering. I was able to coax it...
  5. P

    Difference between 197 and 200 suspension set up

    Hi all, I am on the fence whether to buy Clio III 197 or 200. Is there any difference in suspension setup between these two? I read the facelifted one should be a bit softer. Is it true? Is it a noticeable difference? Is there anyone, who has driven both, and could compare them? Thank you!
  6. burrellbloke

    Glacier White 200 Cup

    I bought a glacier white Clio 200 cup in in April 2020 together with my son. COVID had struck and I was mainly working from home. My son, who is 19, was furloughed and he was bored. We decided to look out for a “cheap” 197 that was no more than £2,000 and buy it as a bit of an experiment to see...
  7. G

    No. 496

    Number 496 has been mine for a little while now. Found out its one of only 2 black ones registered in the UK as per a letter from Renault I found hidden in the previous owners paperwork!
  8. G

    Modify Rare Gordini Opinion

    Hi All, New here so not sure where to post, apologies. I've had a clio 200 gordini for a few months now and recently learned that I have one of only 2 black ones registered in the UK, and the only black one with the original stripes and alloys (found some pics of the other one for sale on...
  9. T

    non-Cup 200?

    Hi everyone, having loved the RS 200 since it was released I'm now looking to buy and have been trying to track down a standard non-Cup 200 within an hour or two of Newcastle. Does anyone know of any that might be coming up for sale soon? Ideally around 50K, FSH and not a huge number of...
  10. C

    Squeaky driver seat

    My driver seat is squeaking when I go over bumps, it’s driving me insane. Standard seats not the recaros. Sounds as if it’s coming from where the top of my back rests against the seat. Anybody else had this? This combined with the squeaky steering wheel is extremely annoying.
  11. Danith

    RS Clio 200 questions

    Hi all, Had a lot of clios but never a 200 so here are a few tailored questions (I could search but I've paid the subs so..........here's what I'd like to know off you helpful peeps): Started in 2009 - were there any revisions from 2010 onwards? When buying some shocks for my brother's 2009...
  12. Jim_

    Is there more than one camshaft position sensor type?

    Morning all, I've just got round to fitting my new camshaft position sensor this morning, however the one I've taken off is very different to the new one which is listed for the 200. Does anybody know if there is more than one type of camshaft position sensor for the 200? This is the sensor...
  13. Malachi

    Newbie looking for a 197/200

    Hi. I currently have a Renaultsport Megane 225 Lux, after selling my Clio 182 (after ten years!) and Volvo V50 last year. I have the itch to buy a Clio again, and was recently offered my old 182 back, however my wife was not happy with this 'backwards' step and my obsession with the 182...
  14. Jim_

    Camshaft Sensor Location

    Evening all, I need to replace the cam position sensor on my 200 but I'm not sure exactly where it is. Obviously it's fixed to the head or valve cover but I couldn't easily identify the sensor on initial inspection. Can any one offer some direction? Thanks in advance.
  15. Dystant

    Dale's Glacier White 200 cup

    Hi all, Been lurking a while but finally decided to put together a progress thread, hopefully get some feedback and possibly some suggestions :). So here's a few pictures of the car when I first got her: I don't really have any plans to do any power mods I'm fairly happy with the power...
  16. E

    Clio 200 4th gear crunch...help with RUK cases?

    Hey chaps, appreciate people are probably sick of seeing posts on this issue but I would be grateful for any help / advice.. I've had my Clio 200 at the dealer and it's confirmed 4th gear synchro problems as is always the case.. According to RUK because it is 'not a known/common issue' they...
  17. S

    200: Clio 200 Owners Manuals, Service Book & Stereo Instructions etc.

    Hi Everyone, I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me. Does anyone know what the full set of documents for a 2012 RS Clio 200 should include? Unfortunately the Renault main dealer I may purchase it from only has a single receipt from its most recent service and no other documents...
  18. JB40k

    Steering wheel off centre, alignment correct?

    Afternoon all, Recently my steering wheel has gone off centre, an inch or so to the right (more at 5 of clock than 6, if that makes sense?), the garage have confirmed that the tracking is spot on and the car does not pull. The search didn't bring anything back... Any ideas on what could have...
  19. L

    Clio RS 200T Issues Update

    As most of you know i've had a the runt of the litter with the new clio rs 200T's. had the car for a few months now and its been back to the garage 4 times since purchased. now my opinions don't account for all Renault service garages but the ones in question are the mansfield service center...
  20. A

    Clio 197/200 clutch from clio cup

    Hello. Need help. Who knows whether the fit of the clutch from clio cup on the standard gearbox and flywheel? :innocent: