I don't know where this is going to end up...

Looks great. Love a Silver Mk3
Nice seeing one which has all the same shade of panel too!

Well… almost! The clear coat on front bumper keeps going hazy, it’s one of those things that once you notice your eye is constantly drawn to it!
That’s a great effort. Can’t of been many options for aftermarket exhaust on that model I’d imagine?
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That’s a great effort. Can’t of been many options for aftermarket exhaust on that model I’d imagine?

You’d be surprised - a few South Korean options and a whole bunch of US ones… quite a lot of Kia Stingers being modded across the pond. Problem is they’re so expensive, especially with import fees and taxes. I was really lucky and picked this up from UK distribution in a sale!
I swear this f*%king car is doing it on purpose!

Took it for a spin ahead of Bedford and funny gearbox noises ahoy… plus it felt like the LSD locked up at one point. So off to Alex for a gearbox oil check and it’s full of floaty bits of metal - argh!

I’ve had one track day and about 2,000 miles out of it… money down the drain.

Sorry to bring up bad memories, but I was wondering what diff you had, and what diff you moved onto? Ever find out what caused the failure?
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Sorry to bring up bad memories, but I was wondering what diff you had, and what diff you moved onto? Ever find out what caused the failure?

It’s was a reconditioned 225 box with a standard R26R diff supplied by BeanieSport that destroyed itself. I went for the same again, but this time supplied by AW Motorworks. It behaves well on the road and track, so fingers crossed I get a few more miles out of it this time!
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Thinking about seeing my Meglio… just had a great trip to Anglesey where the car performed flawlessly, but fancy changing to something RWD with a V8 up front!

I’ve spent a small fortune on the car, but interested to see what you think it’s worth in current condition/spec? If it matches the number I've got in my head it's going.

I bought the car as a totally standard 2012 Renault Clio RS200 Full Fat Cup in June 2019 @ 76,000 Miles. I’m the second owner, the car has 2 original remote keys, and the chassis is currently on 86,500 miles.

Megane engine conversion by BeanieSport Nov 2021 @ 81,417 miles - Dyno mapped by Engine Dynamics in April 2022 to 303HP and 312FtLb.

MOT until July 2024 - oil changed and sump gasket replaced September 2023 by AW Motorworks.

  • Megane 225 engine rebuilt with forged pistons and con rods
  • KTEC Stage 2 Hybrid turbo
  • Forge Recirculation Valve
  • Forge Actuator
  • New uprated Fuel Pump (AW Motorworks, April ’22)
  • New Deka 630cc injectors (Engine Dynamics, April ’22)
  • New Boost, Battery, Oil Pressure & Temp Gauge (AW Motorworks, April ’22)

Intake - RamAir cone filter, and new Airtek intercooler

Exhaust - New Pure Motorsport Turbo Back 3” Exhaust incl. resonator and sports cat. (AW Motorworks, April ’22)

Gearbox & Clutch
  • Refurbished Megane 225 gearbox and R26.R limited slip differential (AW Motorworks, Jan ’23)
  • New R26.R clutch and SMF (AW Motorworks, Feb ’23)
Suspension - New Gaz Gold Coil-overs (AW Motorworks, Oct 21)

Wheels - PS4’s on Speedline 7.5J alloy wheels in black, space saver spare wheel and original jack kit.

Seats - Leather Recaro CS (Megane - height adjustable driver and passenger) with correct wiring loom and airbags coded in CLIP.

Headlights - New OEM Halogen Projector Headlights (Replaced factory reflector units, so cornering function does not work) (July 2019)

Brakes - MTEC grooved and drilled discs all round, DS2500 front and Brembo rear pads, KTR braided brake lines. (Feb, 2021)

  • Cup Spoiler with KTR carbon fibre end plates
  • Genuine RS aluminium gearknob
  • Mega Carbon Spatz.
  • Supreme Motorsport carbon dipped door handle covers.
  • CF Skins carbon fibre door pillar covers
  • Genuine Renault Sport Mats
  • Zero Point One tow eye adaptor + Sparco tow strap
  • Supreme Motorsport Fire Extinguisher bracket + Fire extinguisher. (Dec ’21)
  • Genuine RS steering wheel - perfect, no peeling.
  • Paintwork - good, a few age related parking dings and minor scratches but nothing serious.
  • Seats - wear to drivers leather bolster.
  • Interior - very good.

Lots of pictures already in the thread - but added a few from anglesey!

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Did my first bit of work on the car in a long time.

I’ve been irritated by the fit of the front bumper at the wheel arches since BeanieSport did the Meg conversion - was told at the time it was due to the size of the intercooler. It finally annoyed me enough to take a look at it.


Working in the confines of a single width garage wasn’t the easiest for an obese 6’3” unfit individual like myself but I got it done!


Managed to get it back on nice and straight with no issues - looks much better now!


No further big plans for the car other than tidying up cosmetically. Might refurb a set of alloys - the speedlines need a fresh coat of black, but I also fancy turning the Ultraleggeras bronze. Not cheap for powder coating round here, so will probably only do one set. Depends if I go for the standard look, or for something a bit different.
Not as sticky as a Direzza but more hard wearing. So it is a it is a trade off between use and cost. So far they have been very good.
The MRFs were good for me when NA, but haven’t tried them since the Meg conversion. I think Alex uses them on his Megane and is fairly happy - although one tyre had started to delaminate the last time I saw him.
I found AR1 better than MRF on my meglio

CR-S > AR-1

With CR-S and based on the feedback I got and recent personal experience (on M4RS Trophy-R), you can do consecutive hot laps and grip retains spot on whereas AR-1 starts to give up much earlier.

unfortunately, CR-S doesn't come with the size I'm using for Clio :cry:
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Love hate relationship with the Meglio continues - I couldn’t be happier with how it looks and drives, and no expense spared on oily bits… but had another mechanical issue!

I was puttering along dual carriageway, doing about 60 in sixth gear, and heard a terrible grinding noise… sounded like the undertray had fallen off and was dragging along the ground!

Managed to pull off the road, no visible issues, but feels like gearbox might be kaput… going back to Alex in June and will hopefully be fixed before next track day at Blyton.


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