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    Thinking about changing cars

    Buy the Honda.
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    Clio 197 vs Honda S2000

    There was a 2.2 litre version too. Known as the AP2 (2 litre - AP1) it was only sold in North America and the engine in this one unfortunately doesn't red line at 9k rpm.
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    Clio 197 vs Honda S2000

    My tuppence worth. I've owned a R27, a 200 and a S2000. The Honda is a quicker car, but the Renault is much more easier to drive quickly. We all know the 197/200 and S2000 have no torque hence why the diesel beemer pulled like a train.
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    200: Silverstone Limited edition 200 and 133

    I got mine back in the day (only with xenons) for £13,850 brand new.
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    Is it me or does it feel like we are losing more forum members than we are gaining..?

    I wish my daily was my weekend car. I'm getting around 23MPG in the Honda. Bad times.
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    My new car

    Yeh they're a cracking drive. Really pleased with mine. I don't think there's much difference from the early cars. Just trim changes and drive by wire from 2006.
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    My new car

    Myself and a mate of mine met up with another S2000 owner and his missus for a couple of hours yesterday. He works for a largish dealership chain in the south, which has recently opened up a performance parts business, which he is running. My S2000 parked by his Spoon'd up supercharged S2000...
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    My new have 2 of them.

    Very very nice! You just need a MK1 Scirocco now to complete the collection.
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    r26r wipeout

    As Brown Bear (and I missed out) pointed out the driver had no insurance in place to cover the damage caused to his car. I wonder what ever happened in terms of paying for the car?
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    r26r wipeout

    I was on a track day (Renaultsport organised) at Cadwell in August 2009 and some bloke obliterated his six month old Glacier White 197 Cup. Rolled a fair few times, also heard that the car was on a pcp, so shouldn't have been on the track.
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    My new motor!

    Looks good mate - Pity about the plastic coated leather!
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    R27 355/500

    Do you know that's only £3500 less than what I paid for my old R27, no.358 - brand new and a factory order back in October 2007?
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    My new car

    Thanks for the positive comments chaps! The car is really a great car to drive and is quick. I found myself looking at this site today: This group run Ford/Honda dealerships in the Hampshire area, so fairly local to me as I'm in West Sussex. They seem to...
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    Few Changes To The 200

    Looks superb!
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    My new car

    Although it sits a lot lower on standard springs, than the RS 197/200 does, I still think I might invest in some H&R or Eibach springs to drop it a little. Not going with coilovers this time too bloody expensive!!