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    Stripes: White Wheel Woes!!!!

    I knew you were going to buy one of these back when you had the 197!! It was one car you would never shut up about! ;)
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    MOT failure

    Dave i just fired you a text regarding your PM..
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    Seeing ya ex change her relationship status.....

    Hahaha!! Nah! I just live in a town where everyone knows everyone withing a 20 mile radius and everyone tries to out do each other. E.g. Who has the newest and best car, clothes etc.. And at weekends everyone is out to try and outdo each other. Quite a 'look at me' area which does my head in. I...
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    Seeing ya ex change her relationship status.....

    Facebook is the devil really. If i didn't need it for my DJ'n/Producing i would have deleted it a LONG time ago. The only exes i have on it are the girlfriends i had in school for a week here and there (i'm only 23 so still young to refer to this!). So far this year i have actually declined...
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    F1 driver of the season?

    To be honest i don't think Maldonado has been the worst this season. Yes he's caused a few issues but apart from that he's been good solid. I think Grosjean and Glock are ones to watch though.
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    F1 world title....

    It's a tough one.. If Vettels car works fine then Vettel will grab it but if he has ANY issues even a bad pitstop i think Alonso could clinch it..
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    F1 driver of the season?

    Kimi is the no brainer decision regarding pure driving but I think some of the up and coming talent have been the best drivers this year, just trying to prove that they are worth a consideration in the future.
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    106 GTI snobiness?

    The Saxo was just known as a Chavtastic car around my area.. The guys that had the money bought the Rallye and GTI's. I've always been around VTR's and Rallyes so prefer them over the VTS and GTI which i find strange.
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    Why do the R.S cars loose money so quickly: your thoughts

    Cars in general are just a fortune to buy and you lose a fortune when selling onwards! I think the Clios issue is the Tax/Fuel costs/Insurance etc as already said. Build quality ain't the best either i think my old mk2 was better build than my 197 was..
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    200: Red Bull RS

    Seriously? A few bits of yellow paint and a door sticker and it's another limited edition?
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    People moving on from clio

    I owned a Clio 1.2 Campus Sport then moved onto a Black R27 for just over 3 years.. My original plan was a Golf GTi, Focus RS or Meg RS. Golf - Decided against as they were a bit too pricey. Focus - There are about 15 RS's in my town so i didn't want to be the same. Meg - Just reminds me of the...
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    BBC2 - 2100 - Top Gear Special...

    If it had Apple products in the scenes it would be Mikes 3 favourite things on one show..
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    So the hire car has arrived

    Ah ok gotcha! The Cooper S is a great car to drive, fun and powerful on low revs but don't go into corners like you would on the R27. TRUST ME from a former R27 owner haha!! The JCW though you can push it as much as the R27. No pictures yet, it has been raining pretty much EVERY day since i...
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    So the hire car has arrived

    Doesn't look too bad mate! And a reply to your last post above ^. I wouldn't let a Cooper S drive sway you from buying a JCW mate they are totally different :). I bought a Cooper S and traded it in 6 days after for a JCW and they are a world apart..
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    Posible to get papers from RUK proving you can fit Laguna Silverstones?

    You're a brave man doing this in Norway, i work in Norway quite a bit and everyone i talk to at my work over there hate how strict the law is regarding cars, especially high performance ones! Good luck mate :)