Jake's RB Clio Rs 197

I saw a black 197 with a white cup spoiler in the week - it looked very odd.

I think black spoilers look fine on any 197/200 with an colour, but if I had a blue car I would do it blue.
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So got sent some pictures from
the bodyshop



& now its all home and fitted
(please excuse the 1 years worth of dust that covers the car it needs to be pulled out the garage and have a good clean [emoji3475])

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So after thinking the last few weeks about this i have decided to run
water temp
oil temp
oil pressure gauges in the 197 as i like to know what is going on with temps and pressures so in preparation for this and after some info from alex @ Awmotorworks decided on fitting the water temp sensor directly in to the thermostat housing for the most accurate temperature reading so out come the drill bits

and a 1/8 npt tap

Just waiting on the new sensor to turn up hopefully tomorrow then it can be refitted

going to be mounting the gauges exactly like this (image stolen for facebook lol)

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Quick trip to Screw fix on the way home from work tonight to grab some ptfe tape. now sensor is all fitted and thermostat housing bolted back on

Have covered the terminals in some wd40 and put a little bag over them for the time being until i get all the gauges fitted and cables run/plugged in

next on the list is to push the car out the workshop and wash off all the coolant that spilled out when removing the thermostat housing and then bleed up the cooling system and check for leaks but that will be over the weekend

[emoji1694] for no leaks lol

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Good old 10.30/11am finish at work today so means had some spare time

Got the cooling system filled with this new mishmoto vacuum cooling filling system
Proper bit of kit this it vacuum checks the system for leaks then refills the system makes coolant changes even easier [emoji1362]

Will be on to the next things on the list soon [emoji1360]

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so slight change of play on the steering wheels buttons

now gone for a 6 button kit so we can retain the cruise control and speed limiter for them long drives back-and-forth to track days lol

so if anyone is interested my twin button set up is for sale

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small grippy purchase over the weekend

a lad on facebook put a brand new set of the grip pedals that tom wright makes so snapped them up & should be here mid week [emoji1694]

Clio is on the back burner for a bit due to some issues with our house & land registry because someone at the solicitor office made a boo boo when submitting paperwork so keeping some funds to one side just incase but as soon as that is sorted and out the way it will be time to treat the Clio [emoji41]

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