1. manmr94

    Clio 197 R27 from Canary Islands

    Hi, I got it!!. I have being searching a R27 that had a great mantenaince and low millage, and suddenly i saw it and i decided to buy it. It has 87000 kilometres and it has the manteinance in official workhshop, the only thing that i want to change are the headlights becauses they are basics and...
  2. Paul Chesterfield

    Confused with Fuses

    Hi clio will turnover but not start - battery is fine - has 13.4v and nearly 400ah I am trying to locate the main fuse board on my R27 F1 clio. reason being I need to check the fuse for the fuel pump. I have no idea where the main fuse board is and where this fuse would be located. The other...
  3. dmur197

    No. 320/500

    Picked up my second R27 a few weeks ago. Number 320. It's in Racing Blue and I think I'm right in saying one of 36 in this colour? I bought it in England and is now in Northern Ireland Full decals Front splitter Cup spoiler
  4. RonnieCLIORS

    New R27 owner, Stockport.

    New-ish owner here, I'm Ronnie from stockport, just near manchester, late march i bought my liquid yellow R27, the plate is hy57 vrc (soon to be R27 LYX) as i just ordered a private plate. not the best start to ownership, owned it about a month but only had it on the road a few times due to...
  5. BLJ

    BLJ's Nimbus R27 - Black Dipped wheels

    Hi there! Welcome to the progress thread on my 197 R27. I own the car for a few weeks now and still really enjoying it. I wasn't specifically looking for a R27, but it had to be a 197. For budgetary reasons and I dislike the look of the 200 front. On the other hand, I preferred to have the Cup...
  6. B

    2008 Clio 197 Sport

    Hey guys, I just became the owner of a Black 2008 Renault Clio Sport 197. Picture: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ulcjWgGfZfdsDifC3
  7. R

    Black R27 Fife, Scotland

    New Member here. Just bought my first Renault, after looking for nearly a year, i came across this stunning Black R27 (No. 249 of 500). Got her on Sunday, and safe to say she has exceeded my expectations.
  8. dmur197

    Just bought an R27 and would like advice

    Hi, I have just bought a Clio 197 R27 (haven't collected it yet) and it has a milltek cat back and k&n cone filter, I haven't sold my older 197 yet, it has a ktec cat back and k&n panel filter. What are the differences between the KTR and the milltek cat back. would I be better swapping the...
  9. R

    Clio 197 F1 R27 decals

    Thinking of removing the decals on a black R27. Has anyone done this before that could shed some light in how it's done as I have no idea what I'm doing! Cheers!
  10. A

    431/500 Albi Blue

    Here is mine. No. 431. Albi Blue.
  11. A

    Hello. Albi Blue R27 Owner :)

    Hello Guys. Was on Cliosport.Net but seems to be some good information on this forum as well. Here is a picture of my car;
  12. ChrisR27

    Replacing Headlights & Sidelights Clio R27

    I am looking to replace my headlights and sidelights in my car i have a Clio F1 R27 and was wondering which headlights and sidelights will fit this model as i have been told the normal ones should be fine H7 and also been told these need to be the gas discharge ones any ideas? any links would be...
  13. chapperzuk

    LY R27 - LED Street Lights

    I parked my R27 under those new LED street lights they've been installing the other day and snapped a few pictures. :) Here's what I got...
  14. chapperzuk

    Liquid Yellow Clio R27 (197 F1)

    I've always been a Renault Clio owner. When I passed my driving test 6 years ago, my first car was a red Renault Clio 1.2 litre. After a few years I upgraded to a Silver 1.4 litre. When the insurance became affordable, I upgraded to an Arctic Blue 2.0 litre 182. Having owned the 182 for 2 years...
  15. chapperzuk

    New Liquid Yellow 197 F1 Owner

    Hey guys, I've recently upgraded from my Clio 182 in Arctic Blue to this 197 F1 (R27) in Liquid Yellow. I'm over on the CS forums but thought I'd register here and introduce myself and the car. :thumbsup:
  16. B

    My clean baby in the sun

    After a wash in the sun :)
  17. ChrisR27

    Hello 197.net

    I just thought i'd introduce myself, I have a Clio Liquid Yellow R27 which i have recently bought. I am now going to start and make some changes to the brakes thinking about getting the Brembo HC Discs with the Ferodo DS2500 Pads with some Motul 600 DOT 4 fluid.
  18. M88KE C

    Standard Wheels - Spacers

    Whats the best spacer size wise to go for and where is the best place to purchase for my R27? I assume that I will need different wheels bolts to fit? Thanks for the help Mike:bumpit:
  19. knuckles

    a bit more liquid yellow whoring

    gave it a wash last night and popped out this morning for some pics :)
  20. C

    Thoughts on the R27?

    Hi guys after my initial thread about wanting to spend some money on my 172 and not get a 197 I've found myself flitting between the two options. So some general questions to ask about the 197 R27's if you don't mind... -How much should a low mileage VGC R27 go for? -What are common...