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    Khan fight

    Hmm, punch to the neck floored him tho.... As much as I dont like him, I think this was a bit dodgy!
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    Engine Dynamics (forged megane engine)

    Hmm, Is it worth asking TDF how much they could do similar for if you had the engine?
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    S22's RB 200 Progress Diary *loads of new pics 10/07/12*

    Speedline..... In orange lol! They look good in white with the RB! I think the Ozs look better in darker shades.
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    Happy Birthday Angel

    Have a good un ;)
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    White rs 200 Clio do you plate

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    Carbon Diffuser

    Anything is better than nothing ;)
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    Carbon Diffuser

    This... when I did bits for people I gave them a freebie in return. So tell him you want the same ;)
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    Streamline Carbon ...

    Had work on mine done by Bic. Top work but not cheap as mentioned.
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    R888 CUP - good plate? value?

    I had it at one point ;)
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    Clio RS 200 Cup - Should i get one?

    By the fact you are refering to it as a Fit... are you outside the UK by any chance ;) If so, would the dealer network be better for Honda over Ren? **Beat me to it. Would like some pics of the LTD editions tho**
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    R888 CUP - good plate? value?

    CL10 BYE.... get it bought!
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    R888 CUP - good plate? value?

    Now that was a good buy for that price!
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    R888 CUP - good plate? value?

    This... and people who dont know the Clio range will just think you like tea or collect china.
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    Weight Saving Ideas

    It's prob been said but seats are your big win, then battery.