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  • Thats brilliant kev, will you let me know when you have them and send them out please mate?

    Would be great..
    The money has been sent.
    Daniel, you have sent £85.00 GBP to kevin.
    We have sent you a receipt for this transaction and an email has also been sent to your recipient. View transaction details

    All done my friend, when do you expect for the goods to be dispatched? Im excited now lol
    Thanks mate ill take the HID kit for mine and the LED's, my friend is going to wait a little while for his HID's..
    How would you like the payment? I can send it through tomorrow for you if that would be easier?

    Hey kevo, could you give me a price on the following three items please? With delivery..

    1. My HID kit
    2. 10 interior white LED's bulbs
    3. HID kit for the meg

    Just finding out my mates bulb fitments for you now

    Much appreciated!
    I want all the door bulbs and ceiling bulbs done, im not too sure how many that is lol

    Do you know?

    Also my friend has a megane R26 do you supply HID's for those too? If so my friend would be very interested and would save money on postage.

    £65 seems very reasonable to me, do you have any pictures of what they look like? And do you sell the LED interior bulbs aswell, if so ill grab some of those from you if thats ok? lol
    hi there kevo. So the HID bulbs ive got wont fit? What can you advise for me to do? and what kind of prices am I looking at from yourself?

    Thanks mate,
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