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    VW or Ford

    Not known anyone with a reliable VW....... JDPower survey might show slightly different results, VW is 5th on the survey, Ford 15th and Renualt 21st Just saying....
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    Best introduce myself - r27 no462

    How about a nice 04 Plate Discovery TD5 with low miles........ ;)
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    Clear out of bits

    Anyone else ever look at the pile of car parts and think, will they really "come in useful one day" I've got so much stuff in spare room think a for sale advert is needed. Will have to get some pictures and postage sorted. What's everyone think these are worth thou? 1/ Recaro seat cover...
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    TW@T's! What a mess :(
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    iPhone 6

    If you want just a phone there are better ones out there, but if ya got a macbook, a ipad, ipod, then to get a different phone just complicates things. There operating system and the way different things will integrate just plain and simply works. I dunno if I will bother with the 6 as I have...
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    iPhone 6

    And Uk apple site keeps crashing by people going online to see if its in UK yet, making a iPhone 6 and a bigger iPhone 6 plus
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    Before anyone else puts

    It said on facebook he was ok, the guy coming outta the pits had a lucky escape too :s
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    Before anyone else puts
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    Rachel the MX-5 weekend toy

    Well I took the plunge and decided to get something to replace the 200 with. Wanted something cheap to run, fun and virtually no depreciation. After chatting with Rob and Willis the decision was made... MX5 or Clio 182 became MX5. So after a couple of messages the trailer was slammed on back of...
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    My Full Fat Mistress - 293bhp F4RT - The end of an era...

    A sad day mate but onwards and upwards..... So when am I hooking the trailer up and dragging you a lotus home lol
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    End of an era.

    Think I just got bored of the 200 and lack of being able to mod it without voiding warranty, not wanting to track it incase I stacked it..... So hence the sale. Can never make my mind up and always buy the wrong thing. Guess that's just life, seems strange when rest of family can make a car last...
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    Go Pro..... What do I need to do next :s

    I've got the manual at home so guess am gonna have to read it to work it out, but will it show all this overlay game? Wanna have all the speedo game on it, dunno what its called or how to program it to do it :s
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    Go Pro..... What do I need to do next :s

    Ok so a Go Pro 3 happened to arrive yesterday :D not sure where from just a magic little elf dropped it off......... What do I need to do to make some video with all the overlay crap on it? I ain't even looked at instructions yet so any advice would be gratefully received, am not a techno...
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    hallo!!! from A of the S

    Welcome :D I don't think there is a quick how to guide really, the man in the know is SteC at SC Automotives. He has done quite a few conversions but the cost of shipping the cars over ontop of doing the conversion might make it an expensive project. Am sure with some pointers in the right...
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    End of an era.

    Think we will just stick with the Mazda 2 and I might get back on 2 wheels again :)