Rachel the MX-5 weekend toy


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Well I took the plunge and decided to get something to replace the 200 with. Wanted something cheap to run, fun and virtually no depreciation. After chatting with Rob and Willis the decision was made... MX5 or Clio 182 became MX5. So after a couple of messages the trailer was slammed on back of the Discovery and over to collect Willis' MX5, having now got a type R the MX was no longer required.

So 2002, 1.8 MX5 Sport with 65k on her was the new toy. Wants a little few bits as Willis explained before I went over, the car was exactly as described and seems to be perfect for what I want.

Included in the sale was a new passenger window motor as it had a snapped cable and full poly bush kit. So today the motor was swapped over and all that's left to do is an abs sensor and snapped spring and she's back on the road. Although snapped spring might end up being coilovers lol. Pictures to follow