Picking up my first 197 next weekend.

Hi everyone,

I am collecting a 197 next weekend car seems to be mostly stock and just wondering what mods you would recommend getting done.

Ones I had in mind are:

k&r Induction kit or ramair?
Exhaust ( don't want loud just not stock)
steering wheel
zeropointone gearstick
rear wiper delete
rear plate led
spoiler if I can find one lol
are h&r springs enough to lower or coilovers needed?
sprint booster module

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,

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If you are going to take it out on track get some coilovers, if you are lowering the car just for look then H&R sings will do fine.

K-Tec do an induction kit that makes a very nice noise.

Have a look a Royal Steering wheels - they can retrim a wheel for you. Unless you want to go for a race wheel?

I would get yourself a decent set of tyres for the road before ay other mods. 197s and 200s have great handling on stock parts. The handling is improved no end by some good tyres.
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