197: Thinking of picking up a second hand 197

As the title reads, I am thinking of picking up a second hand 197.

One thing that worries me however is the gearbox issue that many 197 and 200s suffered, and with the car being out of warranty (07 plate, 50k miles), I have concerns about purchasing one for that very reason.

Is it that much of a risk?


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That's just the risk you run when you buy second hand. You could always buy from a dealer and get a warranty.

I think it's more common than renault would like to make out, having said that, you buy any car, and anything could go wrong.

Just test it properly.


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if you buy one get an after market warranty for piece of mind...may cost a few ££ but you could either get it included in the cost of the car or get some money off and use this to get a warranty...

you can get a new box for approx £450 and with fitting and a new clutch you will be close to £900+

having said all that it could never go wrong there are still according to the poll on here 75% that havent had an issue :coffee:
Will these have the new type syncros in though?

Mine's fine at the minute but it's a long term car so i'm assuming it will go at some point.


One thing I will say is when it's replaced they don't touch the box, it's sent back to France and they ship a reconditioned one.

They then recondition yours for the next one.

If it happened to me and I was asked to pay I'd be asking to keep the old box and see where that got me..........
I don't think the gearbox issues are as common as they're made out to be. I mean mine is 5 years old with 45k miles and the original box is good as new!


I'm not saying they are, 197 had 24k and 200 has just passed 36k

What I am saying if they wanted me to pay for it fixed I'd ask to keep the old one knowing it would be shipped and used again.

I just wonder what there stance would be then.

If I'm honest CS have always been excellent. I've currently got a couple of issues with the Trophy and everything I've asked for was not even questioned and I was just told I would get what I want to sort the issues.