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    Ultra Red 200 Cup FF

    Just thought I’d drop by to say hello! Still have the Cup-S and absolutely loving it. It’s been retired to a weekend toy now which makes me appreciate the car so much more every time I drive it. One from a recent drive with some friends;
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    Sprint Hillclimb 197

    Only catching up on this thread now. Sorry to hear about the sprint at Kirkistown, Aaron! I’m sure you feel disheartened by the whole thing! Why don’t you get the car on the dyno to see what figure it is putting out? G-Sport cars have a rolling road day on the 30th March - might be worthwhile...
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    John's GW 200

    Sorry to hear you’ve left the Renaultsport fold completely John! The S1 is lovely, very cool little car! Out of interest was a Megane never on the list?
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    John's GW 200

    Selling up John? Can’t believe it if you are! Good luck with the sale (if it hasn’t already sold)!
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    Actually bought myself a 200 finally-

    Very nice @Steve Murr!
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    Silverstone GP circuit with Open Track 17/2/19

    Love the photos John. Clio looks very purposeful on track with the decals and red wheels! After we where at Spa in the Megane I bought a set of wheels with R888 on, night and day difference over the AD08r which I had on at Spa/Nurburgring! I’m sure the R888r are a step up again! Hopefully...
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    Viewing classifieds threads??

    Also if you use the search function this has been a question asked many times - kind of like on Detailing World how every 5 minutes someone is asking ‘what is the best type of snowfoam’ lol.
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    Possibly selling need advice

    Ross, contact Stefan at Performance Cars NI. He bought my Clio off me and gave me an extremely good price.
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    OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT Questions

    Emailed your contact Yiannis, think I’ll order from him as he is by far the cheapest!
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    OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT Questions

    Matt, can you supply a single alloy? I require a OZ Ultraleggera. 5x114.3. 18x8j. ET48. Matt black. How much for a single alloy?
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    Manifold removal on 197 - how hard?

    Book time is around 4.5 hours for the job.
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    Error return on search

    Doesn’t look like you’re a paid member anymore. Usually there is an icon below your username if you’re a paid member.
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    My RS('S)

    Lovely car Nick - congrats and enjoy!
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    Quick help!

    The part numbers probably have superseded and that’s why they are all different.
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    Quick help!

    Top left one will do the job. Edit - in fact any of the watched items will do.