Dale's Glacier White 200 cup


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You and your partner will come back stronger mate. Just one of life's hurdles. Stick around no reason not to even if you have no Clio.
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Don't be a stranger if you fancy some banter Dale :smile:

Be good, stay safe and you'll be back on your feet in no time.

The very best of luck with everything.
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I just read the update, it's a crap situation and life throws these hurdles at you, but you have to prioritise what is worth it.

A car is an accessory not a necessity, I have been there and having to break/sell my E36 track car, it's heart breaking as it is a massive passion, but you'll get past this hurdle and can continue once back up to full speed.

It sounds like your missus will / has ended up better off too, sometimes you need this push for better things :smile:

Hope you both the best in the future, you have the right mentality, so I know you both will be fine.


Dale thank you for sharing this with,us as per yesterday's pm,dont hesitate to get in touch..we can always try to help if we can..
from the sound of it,it looks like your partner has found a better job where she is treated better..
hope you stay around even you dont have a clio..
sure you could lower your price to sell it for less but not having to pay £3,500 to your financial company..


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Thanks for sharing the update with us, Dale, and very sorry to hear about it all, what a crap situation you've both been put in... It's such a shame the car has to go because of it all - I really hope you manage to get things sorted as painlessly as possible. It's good that your partner is back in work and on better money, it's a huge step in the right direction.

Hopefully you will stick around on the forum - it's definitely more about the people than the cars: the cars just bring us together!

Best of luck with everything Dale.


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Sorry to hear about your situation dale. It's a bloody shame.
As in above comments it's worth talking to someone for some advice.
The worse they can say is no, which is a pain but at the end of the day if you don't ask you don't no.

Hopefully things will sort themselfs out pretty quickly.
To be fair mess around with the C1. Get it lowered when you can. There like little go carts :wink:

Don't be a stranger buddy.



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Thanks for letting us in on what happened dale. Real predicament to be in, but I'm sure you will find a way through it and come out stronger on the other side with your mrs.

These things usually do have a way of ironing themselves out bud.

As above don't be a stranger, no reason not to post, plenty of none Clio owners on here :smile:
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