1. mayoextra

    Tom Tom swap to Clock unit

    Hey guys I recently purchased a 2010 200 in Numbers grey with loads of extras, absolutely love the car but totally lacking in the audio department. so far I’ve fitted some front and rear speakers but still want some more kick supplied by a more power headunit I know the Tom Tom will become...
  2. tomhlord

    Lambda sensor and gear ratios

    Hello there! I just picked up a used Renaultsport Clio 200 (with the Cup chassis). 10 years old, 52,000 miles, very tidy. I would appreciate any help from this community please and a pleasure to find this online! Within two weeks of ownership, the car started spluttering. I was able to coax it...
  3. P

    Fitter for Quaife Limited Slip Differential

    Hi guys I have a Quaife LSD which I am looking to get fitted to my Clio 197. The only company I can find so far to do the fit including removal of the gearbox is K-Tec Racing at Blandford and they want to charge £650 in labour which seems rather steep. I have had numerous quotes to fit the...
  4. Y

    Clio mk3 197

    I am removing my centre console I have disconnected everything but trying to disconnect the start Stop button so I can wrap it how do I remove it as it doesn’t seem to want to budge
  5. Jkeillor94

    Rear coilovers

    Anyone know if the rear setup for the standard mk3 and the RS is the same for the shocks? (Top nut accessed from boot and bottom bolted to chassis) Im looking to get the rear lower than it is already so i can get the front further down without it looking stupid. Preferably id like to have the...
  6. R

    275 Cup-S to 200 Cup

    Hi All, Has anyone made the change from a 250/265/275 Megane to a Clio 200 Cup and been disappointed or regretted the move? After owning the car for a few months, priorities might have to change (adult sort of things) along with a longer commute and the car is too special to be a motorway...
  7. Dean Cohen

    For Sale

    Unsure if I am allowed to post this here but I though where else to try sell my car than to enthusiasts! (if this is not allowed please let me know and I will take this down) reluctantly selling and downsizing to a 197 as an attempt at being more financially sensible! Full listing here...
  8. E

    RS200 Internal Engine Light Ticking - Suspected Crankshaft Bearing

    Hi All, The car was recently in the garage for a replacement O2 sensor, I noticed a very light ticking noise develop over the last 1000 miles (LH Side Engine Bay). When I drive the car, the ticking is in sync with the revs and is mostly noticeable around 1500-2000 revs. The garage also...
  9. E

    Evo's RB Clio 200 CUP

    First and foremost, welcome fellow petrol heads, car enthusiasts and lurkers to my Project/Progress Thread. I am the proud owner of a Clio RS200 CUP MK3 (2009) in Racing Blue; purchased in February 2019 with approximately 79,000 miles. As of writing this post, I've owned the car for 4 days...
  10. harveyl12

    Matte Black paint - Plastic Door Black Strip

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendation of what touchup paint sticks to use on the black plastic strip down the door on the Clio RS 200. Please see the image here, as you can see I have a white paint speckle on here from when I purchased it 3 weeks ago. Just wanting to get it touched up...
  11. alliemam197

    197: Clio 197 - My 12 month review

    So I decided to make a little video...
  12. G

    197 pistons value?

    Hi- anyone know roughly how much a set of 197 pistons are worth on 85k and rings needing replacement? Thanks
  13. T

    Black 2007 Clio 197 non cup

    So heres my "Clio 197 build thread" After 3 years of driving a 0.9l tce clio mk4 this little thing poped up for sale.. It was in excelet condition with all the papers, recipts etc. from the first day it came out of the factory 2007. Clio 2.0 16v 197hp non cup with all the cool bits(sunroof...
  14. flaviof11

    Number 1864 albi blue

    I'm now a proud owner of an r27 f1 team! The car is the number 1864 and I think is a full spec... It's in an used condition but running pretty well and everything is working.
  15. RonnieCLIORS

    New R27 owner, Stockport.

    New-ish owner here, I'm Ronnie from stockport, just near manchester, late march i bought my liquid yellow R27, the plate is hy57 vrc (soon to be R27 LYX) as i just ordered a private plate. not the best start to ownership, owned it about a month but only had it on the road a few times due to...
  16. Alex Ford

    Silverstone GP progress thread!

    So, here is my Silverstone GP (36/50) Fully loaded with a limited paint scheme, she's abit of a minter! Photo below is the day I first got it and gave it a good days detail. Instead of constantly updating my gallery I thought I'd start a progress thread for future reference and for any...
  17. alliemam197

    New motoring blog

    Hello fellow Clio enthusiasts, I've just started a blog called 'Man and Machine' and thought some of you may be interested. It'll have reviews and news on the latest updates in the motoring world as well as features and opinion pieces thrown in. Here's a link to my most recent article, covering...
  18. B

    2008 Clio 197 Sport

    Hey guys, I just became the owner of a Black 2008 Renault Clio Sport 197. Picture:
  19. S


    Does anyone Know why my car doesnt show the Outside temperature? every other clio exept mine does, also, my cigarette lighter Works a little bit but not fully, when i move the plug it looses connection, any idea why this might be? Cheers Sam
  20. G

    Top mount question.

    Hi, does anyone know the size of the Clio 197 topmount bolts? and if possible, the size of the corresponding nut? thanks in advance...