1. M

    Standard Cup suspension or lowering springs?

    Wondering if anyone can help me out with my Clio I recently purchased. Looking at the ride height I think it has been lowered. I think it is on lowering springs with everything else standard but not 100% sure. It's a Cup which I know sits slightly lower than the non cup but it looks like it has...
  2. burrellbloke

    Glacier White 200 Cup

    I bought a glacier white Clio 200 cup in in April 2020 together with my son. COVID had struck and I was mainly working from home. My son, who is 19, was furloughed and he was bored. We decided to look out for a “cheap” 197 that was no more than £2,000 and buy it as a bit of an experiment to see...
  3. EthanMenace

    B Pillar Cup Badges

    Hi all, I'm trying to locate some CUP badges that normally go on the B pillar as they've come off the cup I recently bought before I owned it. I've had a look around but I can't seem to find them for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get them? Cheers
  4. E

    Evo's RB Clio 200 CUP

    First and foremost, welcome fellow petrol heads, car enthusiasts and lurkers to my Project/Progress Thread. I am the proud owner of a Clio RS200 CUP MK3 (2009) in Racing Blue; purchased in February 2019 with approximately 79,000 miles. As of writing this post, I've owned the car for 4 days...
  5. Dystant

    Dale's Glacier White 200 cup

    Hi all, Been lurking a while but finally decided to put together a progress thread, hopefully get some feedback and possibly some suggestions :). So here's a few pictures of the car when I first got her: I don't really have any plans to do any power mods I'm fairly happy with the power...
  6. S

    Spring Rates & Damper Rebound - Rid me of this dreadful 200 Cup suspension

    Hi All, as per the post title. Has anyone come up with a solution to tame the awful damping of the Cup set up, on a 200? I'm now 1500 miles into my ownership, the last 300 miles being on the usual poor quality tarmac and undulating roller coaster of British B roads. I cannot fault the 200 in...
  7. A

    431/500 Albi Blue

    Here is mine. No. 431. Albi Blue.
  8. A

    Hello. Albi Blue R27 Owner :)

    Hello Guys. Was on Cliosport.Net but seems to be some good information on this forum as well. Here is a picture of my car;
  9. P

    New white clio rs200 cup

    Hi everyone, I'm newish to the forum, mainly joined to look at project threads and gallery's for inspiration. I bought my white clio rs200 a couple of months ago and absolutely love it! havent got any plans for it as of yet, just maintain it and keep it looking as good as possible. I think the...
  10. Mardgee

    My GW 200 Cup

    Its been about 2 and a half weeks since getting my new car. Came about when my friends started planning this years Nurburgring trip and when I started adding up what I wanted for my Car I thought why not just add the 3 from Renault and save the hassle! I've always had a thing for French...
  11. A

    New member who needs some help!

    Hi guys, nice to meet you all. New lad here from the Derby/Loughborough area looking forward to owning a 200. Used to have 1.4 ph2 clio when I was 17, and then that got swapped for 56 sea grey zetec-s when I was 18 and now I've sold that and I'm looking to getting myself firmly into a 200...
  12. djlaw

    New 197 F1 Owner in South West

    Hi Guys, Just joined, I'm Danny and I have just purchased a Clio 197 F1 after selling my Nissan 350z and loving it let me know what you think: