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Finally got my hands on a car after the third attempt.. luckily nearly exactly what i was looking for! Not 100% on factory exact spec as i have no original sales receipt but will attempt to source for the docs, but what i can tell so far from the app is below.

The goal will be to make an OEM+ Track Car, albeit probably with half cage for safety. Have used it a few times already (despite being less practical than my other car) to ferry some stuff around, been great fun to drive. Noticed driving position is a little odd (seems to suit short legs and long arms?), and i have a bit of a rattle in the boot somewhere - didn't seem like any play in the boot latch but not sure what im looking for. Exhaust is fruity and fun, minor drone at 70mph though.

2010 Renault Clio Mk3 RS

67k miles, FSH, seems in decent condition, paintwork is pretty good and no major issues - gearbox and clutch fine, no pulley noises! Used to be based in Essex if anyone knew it, now lives in South London. Fortunately just been serviced, front top+bottom droplinks replaced and new rear pads. In theory nothing more to do until major service end of next year where i'll pre-emptively do the dephaser too!

Liquid Yellow paint
Cup Chassis
Rear Tints
Yellow Interior Pack (no recaros)

Inherited Mods:
Cup Spoiler
Scorpion Cat Back Exhaust
Some sort of aftermarket rear parking sensors
HEKO wind deflectors
Wheels re-sprayed in black
Smoked rear lights


Planned Works/Mods:
Rear quarter glass / door seal replacement
B-Pillar Vinyl Replacement
iPhone wiring (audio/power splitter, charging cable+usb charger, aux splitter)
Full interior clean, seatbelt clean, upholstery cleanup
Wheel/Gaiter re-trim Royal Steering Wheels
Recaro Pole Positions
Half cage
4 point harnesses
Rear seat delete
Rear carpet, yellow stitch
HEL braided lines
Autec Wizards
Yoko AD08R
Induction Kit (undecided which?)
Ultra Racing Front + Rear strut.

Long term:
Bilstein B14 - perhaps after some fast road/track use on the existing cup suspension, will see how it goes
Ktec Manifold
Ktec Cams
Ktec Re-map

Some quick iphone snaps:

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First jobs!

Quick cleaned up of the interior - a good 1hr soak for each seatbelt in a cocktail of fairy liquid, washing powder and stain remover, a light scrub and some hairdrying later... they've gone from grubby blackened to fresh yellow again, with the added bonus (and the real reason for doing it) ... they now retract properly and no longer stick.

Front seats given a quick upholstery cleaner wipe down, though they wont be staying too long so not too concerned. Lots of time spent with the wife's fancy hairdryer and it's good to sit in again!

Wind Deflectors removed (anyone want them? free to a good home..)

Took the car in to central London for a quick errand. My office is in Mayfair so i borrowed the carpark, very amusing pulling up to the lights alongside an yellow 812 Superfast. Anyway, Turns out with the seats down it's quite practical! Not sure about these smoked lights, perhaps something to replace.



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Have now ordered replacement B Pillar Vinyl, and some proper replacement door seals from RPD.

i keep leaving the keycard in the dash slot.. so this cheap keyring just turned up to help remind me to take it out, else this car won't be around for very long!

Which reminds me of the next problem to solve - the key card is beyond repair, the manual key just fell out of it the other night and i spent 30 mins looking for it in the dark... time for a new keycard! local dealer quoting £168 plus £65 coding fee, is there anywhere else that can do these?



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Looks great, you're right about the smoked lights, they're horrible!
I just took a look at them, sadly i think they're an aftermarket part rather than wrapped as i had hoped (could then remove the wrap..). Looks like i need some new units! I wonder if there's a better option than just the renault defaults?


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Awesome spec! One thing to check re: rattle in the boot is where the parcel shelf meets the interior trim, but if its more of a metallic rattle then it may not be much use...

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Love it. Another shout for the chavvy headlights, very cheap items to replace, cars are being broken all the time.

I'm also in London (Camden town), give me a shout if you are around next time! (After lockdown it now seems)


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Love it. Another shout for the chavvy headlights, very cheap items to replace, cars are being broken all the time.

I'm also in London (Camden town), give me a shout if you are around next time! (After lockdown it now seems)
Hah yeah, todays job..

thought id try some scrapyard replacements so £35 delivered and the smoked ones are gone - i think they look a lot better

not often you get to do a quick clean behind the rear lights... its only polite
much better :smile:

wind deflectors also removed, looks a bit cleaner imo.
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Weather a bit restrictive on lockdown progress, so have sadly only managed to remove the old cracked B-Pillar vinyl before it started raining. a gentle heat gun is a must for this, with a plastic razor to avoid scratching the paint - then tar remover to clean up afterwards.

4 - Y0pnALY.jpg

5 - ne5j2Er.jpg

6 - AjknJEU.jpg
new stuff has arrived ready to fit, just need some decent weather.

time to fix the scatty old steering wheel! I have always wanted to try using Royal Steering Wheels - Jack was great, i think a massive improvement - went for dark grey alcantara, yellow centre stripe and thinner padding for more feel. also got a gaiter for the gear stick. decent attempt at OEM+, personally prefer to the thicker ones. would recommend and a fair price imho.

1 - jf2UffC.jpg

2 - xYPe8HO.jpg

3 - 6mpG2I7.jpg


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Both rear quarter glass door seals removed as were completely perished and cracked/split, incredibly fiddly operation to remove the residue! Both then replaced with new oem renault bits.

Vinyl replaced with some new stuff, looks pretty good! ...There’s a greasy fingerprint in the picture, not a bubble in the vinyl!


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Just out of interest did you buy this from the guy who won this on the competition? I looked at buying it from him but he wanted insane money originally! :tearsofjoy: