What modifications have you made to your 197/200? What do you really think of them?

I'm not sure if this has to do with the mentioned mounts as mine is doing this as well and I'm still running the stock ones. I actually suspect it's the combination of Cup dampers with H&R springs that are responsible for it in my case.

After changing to a powerflex upper mount the amount of vibration I had through the steering column on idle was unbearable. If I only drove on track I may have kept it but to live with in London traffic was a form of torture.

I think the best mod I've had is switching from a factory Renault seat to a Recaro with Rentune lowered seat base. The Renault seat is more comfy but the feedback with the Recaro (when lowered) makes the car.

Apart from that, changing the audio unit and speakers is a must if you love music.
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For most of the people that know me on here I've done a lot with my Clio. If not check out the build thread in my signature. Hands down fitting a gripper LSD is the best thing I've done with the car. Even better than coilovers!
Totally transforms how the car handles, gets through corners and also out of them on track. Being able to really use the throttle and get on the power without understeering and spinning a wheel.
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Superpro Adjustable Droplinks
Some of you thought I was mental (and still might) when I asked a while ago if anyone had used these over much cheaper pattern parts. Well I took a chance and they've been fitted for almost three weeks now. I've tried to remain and objective as I could when trying to feel for any difference and was sort of hoping they would be worse or no different, but my god what a difference these have made!

The car is on cup dampers and H&R springs and the ride as some of you will agree isn't that great (very springy and harsh) but now with these fitted it's transformed, don't get me wrong it hasn't magically turned into a Rolls Royce but it's much much better. The springy sensation and harsh ride have gone and I can now feel the suspension doing it's job rather than the anti-roll bar getting involved too. I can't say what it's done to outright cornering grip as I haven't been able to try oem vs this back to back (I haven't noticed myself going any slower though) but what I can say for sure is that the initial turn in has sharpened up A LOT. To the point where for a few days I was having to steer out of corners again as the car turned more than I was expecting.

Now how much if any of this can be attributed to the fact that I've replaced old droplinks with new I don't know, It would be nice to try these against new drop links to see for sure if they make a difference so with that uncertainty in mind I cant give them the full score that I want to so maybe "8/10".

Link here for them but they are available other places.
Scorpion catback non res (110% worth the purchase if you’re after that sort of thing) de cat next!

Sub/interior speakers - it’s a halfrauds one with built in amp but handy for some Chuck Berry when sat in traffic :grin:

Dewipered the rear - not sure if I like it or not, gives it a clean look but annoying in the rain...which as we all know in the UK..

Power flex upper torque mount - love it would buy again

Ram Air Panel filter - after a lot of digging through various posts I just went ahead with it.

Headlight bulbs & number plate bulbs - got some osram ‘white’ ones. Definitely whiter makes it look a bit cleaner, limited though as halogens :/

Seatbelt covers ‘I don’t even know what they’re called’ :smile: Makes it a bit more comfy for me personally seatbelts have always felt uncomfortable for me till I tried these.

On that note I also cleaned them and then used furniture polish on them and they’re like new now.

Had some corrosion on the front face of the callipers so for now I’ve rubbed them back slightly and given them a blue coating, deciding on what colour to go next however the blue definitely makes my anthracite alloys ‘pop’.

Replaced the OEM locking wheel nuts 100% recommend, got some aftermarket ones with a lot better key.

Eibach Springs - haven’t installed them yet but can’t wait to see how she handles after.

Debating on the enlarged throttle body, seen a mixture of posts that say minimal gains however throttle feels more ‘ready’ but then others saying loss :/

Whilst some of them aren’t mods thought I’d chuck my two cents in.

Got a very long to do list, cup shocks, hopefully shift my seats for the recaro ones, refurb callipers, port & polish inlet, remap (flat spot joys), rear discs and pads, four new corners, refurb alloys :disappointed: and many many more.
I have a 197 the first thing I got was the cup rear diffuser,cup tailgate spoiler,milteck exhaust and new wheels
cost me a fair bit,but love the look now

Post it up then, as no one on this forum has heard of a "cup rear diffuser", you've either been told lies or getting confused that the diffuser was different.
As all 197s had a certain style of diffuser and then all 200s had another style, apart from the "anthracite pack" that then had them in anthracite colour instead of black.