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  • Mate you fitted the K&N yet would be interested to know if any difference , as you actually drive your car the way it should be lol
    Mate Karl recons your the best one to ask do I need any extras when ordering projectors ie bulbs or wiring and a part number for these as I think he always asks for a reg number want to get everything first time. Thanks Darren
    Hi mate thanks for posting those photos up of your ag 200 just wondering buddy do you have anymore scattered about this site? Thanks for replying on my thread.jayson
    Did you see this:

    Someone is doing their job correctly then.

    I'd love it if Noddie could come, he seems very very clued up on Track stuff, and I reckon a lap with him would be an experience!

    You be having more fun than all of us put together by then quite possibly. :smile:
    Awrite mate thats me got the car back if your still up for meeting up at the showcase for the rr on saterday
    Took my car in to get the roof wrapped, guys put a bit of doubt in my mind. Said the gloss black scratches VERY easy, say it would only be on a few weeks before I would be unhappy. Booked in for window tints in the mean time. £100 sounds alright?
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