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  • Mike
    As a ball park figure...whats an approx all in price for a nurburgring trip?
    Might see if i can come along in June but need an idea!
    Hello mate! I am now Renaultsport Specialist at Dinnages who are now a Renaultsport Dealer, so tell all your friends lol! also i sold your Mother-in-law a Scenic yesterday! she is good fun! I want to be really hands as the Specialist so will arrange some stuff with you.

    Take care pal.
    Ahh right, ok. So how did you become El Presidente then? Mates with Jase or what? Tell me the story... (gets cup of tea)
    FF meaning R27 or cup? Im bit clueless with this lingo lark! Haha, yeah I've burnt about 4 CD's in the last week, what a waste, DOH!
    Yep I'm looking forward to it! Having just found out my r27 has MP3 connectivity I am in quite a good mood! What a tit I am! Although it is not in my handbook anywhere, weird.:smiley:
    Ahh sweet, well I will be heading to the next NW meet for definite! :smiley: looking forward to it.
    Im saving for a trip round Europe I think, Stelvio Pass and stuff, although I will have a proper look at the thread! Where bouts you from?
    Haha yeah thats cool, I've sent him a request for 197 stickers anyway (I know there default) so should be sweet! Happy to offer any support mate anytime where I can
    Ay up Mike, you online mate yeh? Heading to the paid section now mate just so you know
    Lol. Babys not due until 1st July so in theory I could come. However, if she were to go in earlier i'd be erm....... buggered lol.

    I just sound clued up mate on track driving to lol.
    Whats your obsession with Mice? ...just curious.

    Hope you got back ok on Sunday?
    There is a fair variety of places to eat there and lots of bars etc! I suppose it depends on the weather. There is a new pub opened in the last few weeks severing local produce - supposed to be really good. I will give it a try haha!
    Chav LMAO!!! I will have you know Im a classy lad lol!

    Not sure about clamping down on meets as I never meet there :tongueout:

    Plenty to do at Xscape though
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