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May 16, 2019
Jan 23, 2011
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May 16, 2019
    1. Maz
      No problem, see you Saturday :)
    2. Mike
      He asked me to help him. VBulletin was new to him, and people kept making suggestions to him, but he wasn't totally sure how to do it. I was a normal member by then, and every time someone suggested something, I'd PM Jase with instructions.

      Then he asked me to help: http://www.clio197.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2409

      The rest is history!!!

      I hadn't met Jase at this point either, this happened in April at the RS National meet. I learn new stuff every day with the site, it has good days and bad days, as everything does :)
    3. Mike
      Full Fat. It means all the extras, but with normal seats and chassis. Mine has a cup spoiler too, and the R27 stickers - extras thrown in with the sale. Mine says it can play MP3's, but it appears not to be able to!
    4. Mike
      Hehe, always things that people don't know about their cars when they buy them.

      Mine is a full fat one, I'd have a 200 anyday, but I still love mine lots :)
    5. Mike
      Yeah you got a great bunch of people up there. I have been to a Yorkshire meet, an NW & Yorkshire seem to have joint meets frequently. Awesome bunch!
    6. Mike
      Haywards Heath in Sussex, shock of my life, there are two other members round here too lol!!!!
    7. Mike
      Thank you sir, there's a trip to the Nuburgring this year if you are a keen person. I'm not taking mine round, I go for the atmosphere ;)
    8. Mike
      Thanks dude, your support for the site is appreciated.

      Jase is the big main boss on here, I'm the secretary lol!
    9. Mike
      Ya I am indeed :)

      User CP> Paid Subscriptions. Paid member is the basic package, gives you access to the trader sections :) Right up to Platinum that gives you some other features and benefits :)
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