PITAs GW 200 FF Cup


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Is there a big weight difference between the stock seat frames and the Jon Foz ones?
There is quite a difference on the drivers side as you lose the height adjustment mech, I’ll weigh them and let you know.


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I had these made for me in the end, I wasn’t confident in my design or finishing skills to make anything I’d stick on my car. It will sit higher than this picture, it’s just to get a feel for the look. Unsure whether to leave the TRC on too or just run the ply splitter.


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I agree, without the TRC.

I like the side skirts on W40 BTG. They are more like the skirts on a Megane 280 without the triangle spats by the rear wheels.
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I spent the day at Pro Alloy finalising the intercooler and having the pipe work made. When Mitch at Proline had his kit made there he didn’t have the small fuse box above the wheel or a battery so the route doesn’t work for most. We’ve made a kit that will work with these in situ. Chris is also going to make me a new larger cored rad that will mount to the back of the IC so I can shroud them off and hopefully have lower temps all around. Behind the number plate will be holes for track days.

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