PITAs GW 200 FF Cup

I failed, I used the wrong emoji lmao, I vote white too.
LOL I was trying to get people to react to the post and not post replies but I’ll take it! I think white will look the best but is it the best colour for reflections etc
LOL I was trying to get people to react to the post and not post replies but I’ll take it! I think white will look the best but is it the best colour for reflections etc

Yeah I thought so, but the reactions didn't match haha.
Matt white for interior? Why many race cars go for Matt silver, due to reflections
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Little win today. Managed to thin the loom of all the unnecessary wiring and fit a cage mounted light. I extended the original wiring up the passenger A pillar (removing the ribbon cable) for the light and cabin temp sensor. The light comes on and dims away as normal. Door cards are inbound :thumb: 6A931298-04DF-4177-BC22-45807A172528.jpeg
So…. At the very end of our track day at Croft we were putting the car onto the trailer to go home and a couple of the mounting bolts holding the supercharger bracket to the car sheared. This threw the aux belt off and must have dragged something through with the cambelt. She’s sat on the drive since but a looming day at 3 Sisters has kicked me into gear.

10mm from disaster!

Bought the proper Renault locking tools and changed the belt, dephaser and exhaust pulley. Which is only temporary as I’ve been stupid again.


I’ve bought some absolutely mint Catcam 402s and their own locking tool. The Renault horseshoe doesn’t always get these time perfectly so the idea is to use a dial gauge to find TDC from the lift values of the cams. You can’t do this with the cam cover on so you get 2 guides to hold them down like this. 9C287120-3752-4427-947B-E53F0B86CD72.jpeg
Matt at Supreme also had his ITBs with DBW and a plenum at a bargain price so I snapped them up. I’ll have to modify my rad and possibly IC or I may be able to move the inlet to the bottom. The charge route will be tiny with little pressure loss and the throttle response should be improved.


I need to book more Trackdays!
As the weather looked good today I managed to bag a last minute trip to Bedford. Got there in good time just driving to the track this time, she instantly reminded me of how thirsty she is lol.

With the sighting laps completed I went out for my first session. Tyres and brakes were warmed so I stamped on the “loud pedal” - black flag! I returned to the pits for a chat with the marshall. I’ve never had an issue with noise before but apparently Bedford is quite a low limit at 87dB and they’re strict. I was shown where I was loud and how to “remedy” it - ie lift off :tired:

That took a bit of a shine off the day TBH but I persevered, going a little bit faster each lap. Trying my luck a little bit more each time.

The long straights really suited my Clio and I was able to top nearly 140 down the back straight, the squidgy bit in the drivers seat was the biggest part letting the car down. She was faultless, fast and kept cool all day. The only fault was with the TRC splitter that flexed too much and destroy

Met @leeboy in the pits and managed to grab a couple of pics of his lovely 197. I’ve got some GoPro footage that I’ll sort and upload another day.


Was good to finally put a face to a username @PITA - your car sounded insane from standing trackside!
Cheers for the photos of my mobile chicane...it has highlighted the fact that it is hugely underpowered!