Not new, but didn't post much, clio 197 f1 #233

Hello all I've been a paid member for two years I think, but never really posted, but I will try and be a bit more active.

But some know me and a lot don't so i will introduce myself im joe from Portsmouth and i have a clio 197 F1 number #233 in ultra red. I'll just post the pictures..

Also is it possible to change my username?
IMG_8735-HDR.jpg IMG_8779-HDR.jpg IMG_8746-HDR.jpg


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Beautiful! The R27 really suits red. I think the anthracite and red really complement each other well.

Plus now I’m an UR red owner I’m a bit biased lol.

I’m sure that @Jimmy or @Chris will be able to help with the name change :smile:

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Ah thanks lol theres a lot of paintwork that needs to be sorted just bits like someone has masked around the f1 sticker and left a nasty laquar edge just annoying bits lol.

But that has to wait at the moment as I've just got new clutch kit and gearbox and ToyoSport manifold and powerflex engine mount kit ready for install I had the 3rd and 4th syncro problem and blown flexis someones welded before two different types,
I do have a lot more pictures but they don't have a spoiler only put it on last week lolIMG_8506.jpg IMG_8652.jpg

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Very nice! I DO like Ultra red! Also I am a cup spoiler fan so that's a definite improvement for me. Nice pics.
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Yep, nice car, welcome to the r27 club :smile:
I've had the car for about a year now but thanks lol I'm just hoping to be more active on here post pictures and stuff.
Very nice! I DO like Ultra red! Also I am a cup spoiler fan so that's a definite improvement for me. Nice pics.
Oh defently it is the Italian one though but it sits really nice, I changed the end screws to allen key type so looks better, I will put a sticker or logo on the end plate soon aswell so it dont look plain, thinking of a deadly one.
welcome aboard..lovely example...:french:
Thanks, there's lots of issues that bug me but it will all be cleaned or painted soon, I've done bits like rust by the wiper and various bits. Wanna resprey the front end soon. Its the stickers im struggling with, quite expensive for genuine


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Hi from a fellow R27 owner. Looking good and a nice stance. I do like the newer boot badge.


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Hi Joe, a very warm welcome to the forum! The car looks great, the R27 does indeed look great in UR!

As for your username, if you'd like to send me a PM I will be happy to get that sorted :smile:
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Thanks for all the welcomes and I'm sure I will post loads up as I take them, I normally take loads of pictures at car shows aswell, if I spot a clio I always picture it. But there will be loads of mine soon. I will have to do a build thread on it. I have various pictures from the beginning so the weekend I could do that. But once this snow is over with, as I don't like driving it in the snow..(its not me other people) If i wasn't the clio I don't mind driving in it she means to much to be knocked by someone else. So less risk.. Plus I have ado8r on it.
But yeah soon as roads are nice I'll be back out with pictures, or any club meets.