LY200 - too loud or blow up again, taking bets!

I like the look of that being satin black.
Yeah it's a nice finish the satin and matt clear - I think I may paint the datalogger cover with it one day!

Heat shield done now, can't really tell from pics buts it very secure and good clearance everywhere. Proof will be in the driving, but I don't think it'll cause any vibration/noise - besides you just basically twat this stuff in to shape anyway!



Got some metal retainers coming in a couple of days for that last bottom stud location - it's not actually a metric thread and so that nut that is on there is only finger tight.
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Well the more I thought about it, I am not happy with the throttle pedal - relying on the just the springs on the butterfly's is just not anywhere near enough pressure when depressing or lifting off the pedal. Having run a Jenvey throttle linkage on my old ITB car, whilst I don't recall precisely how it felt, I certainly know it never felt 'off' to ever catch my attention - so I'm going to put one on this setup. It's an additional spring for precisely this purpose and I have seen in the install guide on Jenveys site that they recommend not to rely on only the butterfly springs anyway.

Unfortunately not a straight forward fit because the main lever was swapped to a quadrant, and now I need the lever in place to actuate the butterfly's from the additional linkage setup. That means a whole bunch of stuff going in the wrong direction and so two steps forward and 1 step back!


Nice view of the -20 coolant hose though :smile:

I'm going to send the inlet off to Pure and they will supply and fit the bits, then I can bolt in back on as a single piece again. The throttle stop has arrived from RenaultSport now and I've pulled the carpet back - looks like it'll be no bother to install and can sort when the bodies are back.
And so I reckon it's just the datalogger/wiring bits to sort that might be more hassle than it really should be, esp given I paid a large sum to have this "done professionally".
Car is basically done now, and I've booked mapping on the 29th!

Wiring sorted in the corner, no longer are the plugs being pulled against a few wires that would have broken in time. Took a little while to pull the old covering off, un tangle and re-route a few things. But vastly improved to say the least and everything is secure and has an appropriate feeling of slack and give that nothings going to break.

To this: I used some proper Tesa loom tape, I like the fabric stuff to work with more than the plastic style.

Decided to do the Jenvey linkages and levers myself - postage wanted best part of £100 to send insured, and given my luck I'm not sending it without insurance! Wasn't too bad at all, I'd done a linkage before on my Rallye, but the lever was very simple once I'd bought a 1/16 imperial allen key (quite why they couldn't stick with metric who knows?!).

It is certainly better with the additional linkage on, probably not oem grade like the dbw pedal but certainly a better solution than the previous bit relying on the butterfly springs only.

Throttle stop installed too, fairly nervous was to where the drill bit was going to come through - but it's very clear and easily accessible in the wheel well. No pic sorry but literally nothing to catch on if anyone is doing this themselves. Taped up around the hole and a piece over the inside and stuck several coats of zinc primer and top coat to avoid any rusting, also used silicone around the washer and bolt head arch side when poking them through for good measure.

It's basically a bolt and washer tightend from each side agaisnt the floor to hold the bolt in place:

And then the Renault Sport stopper and another bolt against it to set the height and lock it all in place:
Also put another flange nut at the bottom above the carpet - serves no purpose other than acting as a finishing trim.

Came up with a solution for the way the batter positive lead fits too. Given the bulky red plug never sat very well on the M6 stud of the Odyssey, I've secured a 3 post junction box to the battery tray. The 2 outer posts are perfect spacing for the holes on the red plug - they just need opening out very slightly. Then bend the contact from the red plug out 90deg and slide over - sits very nicely and just needs a short battery lead about 25cm to go from the middle post to the battery terminal.

I'll get a better pic once all finished once I've picked up a cable.

I think the last thing I did was put some plastic honeycomb mesh under the holes in the bumper, looks a lot more finished and will stop any large stones from going through. Looks better from a distance (where you don't notice it basically) but I only have this close up pic for now.
cheers! Feel like I've done quite a bit the last month or so - been lucky with the weather mostly and makes all the difference when you're mostly outside. Still a sign that I'm nearly done is the garage has been emptied of all the tools I've been using on and off, so can push the car back in.

Another PC950 battery has just turned up, so only spark plugs left as the last things to buy I think. Annoyingly it's my 3rd battery and at £150 each it's just indicative of the struggle!! The first one didn't even need replacing, the garage left the nut off the alternator but at the time I assume duff battery and ordered a new one etc. And then this second one has just died from being left stone dead for 2 years basically :worried: Still got a Ctek trickle charger now so won't be an issue again (touch wood!).


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Car is basically done now, and I've booked mapping on the 29th!
So... where is the update? I can't believe how excited I've become waiting for someone else to get their engine mapped!
Been following this build for such a long time with all it's ups and downs, here's hoping for a good result!
Ha well as you can expect, it's more downs again. Wiring loom doesn't work, car playing silly buggers on the dyno and after 6 hours gave up. Inc trailer hire etc, yesterday cost me £530 and I literally could have put that straight in the bin.
Car is no further along, the fancy wiring loom is a sack of aids and frankly I'm done. Expect some breaking posts over the next week or so tbh.


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Can’t believe how drastically wrong it’s got! Sorry to hear about your latest set of woes mate! I was hoping this would see it finished!

I hope just done with the build, and leaving it car still or is it all going ?
Ah the whole thing frankly. I don't know where to go from here tbh?

The loom has a fundamental CAN issue and along with all the incorrect; sensors, wideband, dbw plug, fuel pump addition - it's not even close to the documented requirements! So need a refund on the loom as far as I'm concerned - I'm not accepting 'fixes' on it frankly.

But then where does that leave me, go back to a stock loom with SCS adapter maybe (I never even got my old stuff back though!).

Or sell every last Renault nut and bolt, walk away from the lot - maybe get 10k ish for it all breaking. The money this thing is no doubt still going to cost to get right I can add on to the next car.

What the next car is though I'm not sure, S2000? 370Z is pretty cool (esp a Nismo), although bit heavy to track but can be lightened easy enough and I don't need to touch the engine which is a massive plus. I believe they just need an oil cooler (which I have) to track them from what I've read, a set of Ohlins R&T would be nice too!
That your Nismo I take it! Yeah that looks mega, I could certainly see that comforting my 'loss'!

The only reservation, almost too nice to track!
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Heartbraking that mate! It was all looking so promising too :worried: Thought my luck was bad with my suspension/top mounts :')

Be interesting to see what gets done with the loom/what they say?


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That your Nismo I take it! Yeah that looks mega, I could certainly see that comforting my 'loss'!

The only reservation, almost too nice to track!
I have to agree, if you planned on regularly tracking it and stripping it out perhaps a boggo 370 and spend the difference on mods would be a better option. If it was occasional track work then a Nismo is all fun and feels a little special (I know its a Datsun) Needs an exhaust though as is too quiet.

Truthfully though I hope the loom gets sorted and you can get the 200 to where you deserve it to be!
No the 200 is all but done, I'm financially and emotionally spent with it now.

Yeah if I bought a Nismo it would stay factory, no stripping etc - just some Ohlins R&T at most. If I bought a boggo Z then I guess stripping and modding could be a thing - though nothing engine related! I think a 1 owner car from Nissan with warranty would be far easier to source a Nismo, start looking at boggo ones for tracking and they're 10yrs old and knowing my luck I'll buy someones used heap!
Well I decided today to ring SCS, and some of the issues are a known problem when using an ECU with old firmware with newer software. They have sent me the latest firmware that should sort many of the weird problems that the mappers were coming up against on the day.
This is the first problem hopefully fixed - quite honestly though why the software (which is updated frequently compared to ECU firmware) doesn't flag this up when it first communicates with the ECU is beyond me. I would have thought it fundamentally obvious to do that level of checking when it handsakes over the CAN connection!!

The second problem of constant disconnects, the eventual dash going mental, and finally ECU not being recognised at all over the cable - I have traced to very likely being a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter! When you put the adapter on the end of the 3.5mm cable it drops the CAN info being sent to the AiM screen, literally then remove the adapter and the CAN info re-appears! Kinda lucky I have that screen otherwise I'd have never known, or not so easily anyway.
I've sat just now with the multimeter and it does indeed seem that the the adapter is internally crossing 2 of the pins and that will be crashing the CAN in the car and the Renault modules really don't like that!

So I reckon 2 isolated problems on the day. As for the loom....well it's still shit that I have not had done what asked, but if the CAN is ok then all is not lost and I can/will get it sorted.

I've got another 2.5mm to 3.5mm coming from Amazon prime tomorrow so I'll sit and check it pins correctly as per the main 3.5mm plug end, and I reckon I can then get the new ECU firmware on. I'll have a little drive to make sure dash is good, sit and dick around in the ECU software and check I don't get booted out and nothing odd happens (relays were going mental before)...... and IF that goes ok........ I'll try and map it again. FFS, basically huge loss of time and money over what might potentially be a £5 part.

I also think it's utter garbge that the mappers own ECU cable was broken, because what if I didn't have one at all - I'd have been £170 on trailer and fuel down the drain. Shocking really, I said what ECU the car had and it was booked in a month in advance. Sure we'd have still had the firmware problem but without the other connection issue and CAN going nuts that my cable caused - could have potentially worked around it or spoken to SC on the day and had firmware sent to us. It's just totally fucking typical of this car and the ongoing bloody battle with it, nothing is ever straight forward, despite what I feel is my every effort to try and do things the right way with the right parts etc. Tuning industry wants bloody regulating in my opinion, anyway I'm ranting now!!



"the new red baron"
10/10 for sticking with it and finding issues pioneers always have to tread a new path hope it all gets sorted to your satisfaction :drunk:
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Fingers crossed that this gets it sorted, I don't know of a single project that deserves a happy ending as much as this! Stick with it! I'm convinced it will all be worth it in the end! Best of luck!
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Cheers fellas!

Although I am going to test drive a 370Z tomorrow....! At the very least I'll know whether it's something I want now or later in the year. It could go either way I actually don't know :tearsofjoy:
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