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So the next update was the fact that when I bought the car the heater never worked on No 4 blower.
I knew exactly what it was but just never got round to fixing it until now (Only taken 3 years)

New genuine item bought as it has the correct thickness of wires and they are doubled also to handle the heat / current as renault seen there was an issue with these. A cheap ebay item as looked at but after being told by my specialist that the OE item had been changed for the reason of them blowing I went with the OE item.

Heater Plug 01.JPGHeater Plug 02.JPGHeater Plug 03.JPGHeater Plug 04.JPGHeater Plug 05.JPGHeater Plug 06.JPG
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I had to do the same job on mine I did not really want to cut the loom and it was the plastic that was melted so I got a connector from a crashed car that was good extracted the pins from the damaged one clean them up and put them into the replacement connector has worked fine for the last 4 -5 years. I think this only melts when the pollen filter has not been changed or has got wet or blocked with leaves and the fan motor has to run harder with less air flow cooling it.
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