Terence's Clio 197 Cup GW - Progress Blog

Greeting to you all in this forum, I'm Terence from Hong Kong.

Been getting this Clio 197 half year and I would like to share my daily maintenance / detailing stuff here.
Personal goal is to maintain the stock outlook and slightly enhance the performance.
I'm very satisfied with the power but the throttle response could be improved.
As for handling, the cup suspension is supporting well, i guess no change needed at this moment.

I'm also uploading photos & updates on my instagram: cu_898 <- please check that out and follow.
Apologize for any poor English up front.

Few pics to introduce:-
Gearbox refurbishment were done back in April 2020
Crunching sound were heard during 4 > 3 downshift, couldn't avoid no matter double clutching or whatsoever.

Bought a set of synchronizer for 3 & 4 gear for replacement

Start working

The garage broke my lower pivot so i bought the whole lower suspension arm.

And few days later the garage told me they need the synchonizer assembly (include the "gear gate lever?" too) so i need another purchase...

and finally everything done
Since all the Clio 3 in Hong Kong are imported, I have deep trouble on purchasing parts in Hong Kong.
No matter on searching parts number, buying parts, delivery cost, etc...
Keeping it running isn't very easy, only the above gearbox works costing me around 1500euro..
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I recalled a guy's word: Renault is rattle, just stick with it / turn louder radio
and i'm not happy with it and starting to rectify it.

I start sticking velcro tape all around the interior
included A-pillar's edges, side mirror interior cover, centre radio display, centre console, glove box, instrument gauge trim and etc.

Sorry for not taking pictures for all places, let me know if you guys need any help on rectifying these.
I'm much happier after 3 weeks of sticking velcro and insulation tapes, the car are much more quiet now.
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Somehow i'm bored and went to auto shop for a look.
and pop up with idea to clean up the throttle.
sounds great huh?

So i bought this Gunk throttle cleaner.
Dirt buildup around the butterfly valve (Red arrow)
After cleaning

A nightmare was happened after i sprayed and wiped, the engine can't start.
I turned the ignition for almost 3 sec, the starter keep running but it can't fire up the engine.
But finally i added few footstep to open the throttle and started the car, really scare my shxt out.
Since the throttle are facing upward, I think some of the cleaner may flowed into the engine and causing this.

But the throttle response was so much better after cleaning, especially on low rev.
I'm happy with this!

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