Candy White 6R Polo GTI

Picked this up last night from the dealership. :bounce1:

Well, got a fair deal on our Fiat 500, so managed to work out a good deal on this Polo GTI from Birmingham VW. I had tried to buy the one that SteveP (from the Mk5 Golf GTI Forum) ended up buying, and was negotiating a deal at the same time as him last September. He pipped me to the post on it, and i decided to order a brand new one through work. Decided to cancel that, and wait for another 2nd hand one at a reasonable price locally to surface.

We are still working hard to save a decent deposit for a house, so mods will be few and far between for a while. But just glad that i am back behind the wheel of another dub, after previously ordering and cancelling 2x brand new ones and also the one that Steve managed to get.

4th time lucky. The elusive Polo GTI.......great spec, but missing a couple of options i did want. Never mind, i might retrofit at least one of them at a later date.

Candy White 3dr
Sensor Pack
Winter Pack
Convenience Pack
RCD510 with 6CD Autochanger
Multifunction Steering Wheel
Tinted Rear Glass
Dealer Fitted Fiscon Bluetooth

So it has a great spec really, and the only things i would have wanted in addition to these were climate control (air con is sufficient i suppose) and Xenons.

Only have the dealer pics at the moment. :smile:

HighResImage by LukeDeakin, on Flickr

HighResImage2 by LukeDeakin, on Flickr

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Nice looking motor that Deako, hope you have better luck with this VW. You'll have to give us all a review when you have played about with it.
Cheers guys. I absolutely love it. Its the car i wanted before i got the 200. Due to delays with the order, its the reason we cancelled and tried something different. Im glad we did though, as i did enjoy the 200, but this is the car i always wanted. So im really chuffed to have it at last. :smiley:


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I like those :thumbup:

Probably a better bet than the now overweight golf :rofl:


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Blimey, you change your car more often than you change your under crackers! looks good though :smile:


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I like it, looks very smart.

I can't help but think it looks a little too much like a normal Polo and they are very expensive for what you get, especially considering you need to add climate as an option. The steering wheel looks great though! They're a 1.4 Twin charger 180ps, standard fit with a DSG box aren't they?


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Like a Golf, but not a Golf, just shrunken. :smiley:

Looks nice in white Deako, how's it compare to the Clio? I imagine MPG will be a lot better but servicing costs may be horrific...
Servicing costs arent horrific. Not with the mileage i do. Only the wet DSG gearbox used in the Golf etc needs 40k servicing. This will just need normal servicing like any car. I'll probably get it serviced somewhere else, apart from the VW dealer anyway.

Cost was £16,495, it has covered 5k miles as an ex-demo. The list price for the car with the options it has was £20,500 and thats without the dealer fitted Fiscon bluetooth module which is £400 on top. So i saved about £4500 on the list price.

They are 180ps (178bhp) with a twin charged engine. So they have both a supercharger and a turbo charger. 7 speed DSG gearbox as standard. Very rapid, acceleration is hard and you dont realise how fast it picks up. Remaps are seeing these cars over 200bhp on Stage 1, and with a TBE and CAI you are looking at 230bhp.

And they only weigh just over 1194kg too, so quite svelt as modern cars go. They even put the battery in the boot with these for better weight distribution.
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That's the nightmare I'd heard, the DSG servicing. Still, if that's sorted now then jobs a good'un. :smile:

Sounds like a very tuneable little lump!!!
That's the nightmare I'd heard, the DSG servicing. Still, if that's sorted now then jobs a good'un. :smile:

Sounds like a very tuneable little lump!!!
Even with the DSG servicing, it adds about £150 to a service. So its not too bad. But this one doesnt suffer the same problems. Its under warranty anyway, if i break the DSG it will be fixed. :smile: 7 gears makes for efficient driving.

Got 35mpg on the way back from the dealership in stop/start rush hour traffic. Cant ask for more than that.