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  • No more opps as they don't want to make it any worse so just got to wait now till it all starts to break down ie hip will be first as I've lost 24% of thigh muscle cause I can't use it
    My spinal cord stimulator needs tweaking again as the leads on my spine have moved again
    600 mil of tramadol 1000 of paracetamol 20mi antitripaline or what ever they call them and morphine when it's to bad.DWP nothing lol
    Is her opp key hole or opened up for that procedure?? Hope she gets a lot better pain relief after that
    Hows things coming on at work?
    Sorry to hear that mate. You got a date for the hospital then and what pain relief they got you on? The better half is ok, she has an op on her knee soon to resurface the back of the knee cap and to put a plastic button between said knee cap and her metal joint thingymibob. Hopefully things will be better for her after that for a while. have you heard back from the DWP (Department of ******s and Pricks) yet
    Hello im new on here just a quick question. how do you change your profile picture? or have you got to be a paid member?
    Thank you Jess :smile:
    That makes me a little bit happier knowing that they were like that with your son. I suppose I'll just have to see what it's like when I get there and enjoy it. It's in Loughbourgh, so I've got a bit of a drive to get there!
    Ye, I'm hoping they let me give it some, I've heard from some people that they don't let you! We'll see tomorrow anyway. I think the missus is taking her Digital SLR, so should get some decent pics and I'll put some up on here.
    All right mate, I went strawberry picking today, booked today and tomorrow off work because I'm going to drive a Lamborghini tomorrow in Loughbourgh. Anyway, I think it was the same place as you went, to get to it you turn off the road by the Navigation pub and go along a massive gravel track then up a big grass hill to a little hut purched on top of it! The strawberries seem good and the price wasn't bad either, so thanks for the recommendation!
    Cant wait to start driving again
    19wks now :worried:
    HOW ****E IS THAT
    18/8/2010 still no sign of being let loose to drive again
    now got complex regional pain syndrome
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