Beanys RB 200 cup

So I’ve been after one for awhile and finally I managed to spot one for a decent price on good ole eBay and couldn’t resist letting it slip thru the net.

after plenty of nervous poo’s I found the guide and set out masking the area up. After jamming a screw into the aerial with some trust string to the front badge I had my centre line.

marked out the holes to be cut and they all seemed to line up, then came the cutting.

cutting the hole had me filled with anxiety but somehow a higher power must’ve had faith as it turned out pretty good.

sadly 1 out of the 4 screw holes doesn’t line up 100% I could wiggle it with the drill to enlarge but I don’t want to risk it. It’s covered and not like it’ll cause an issue.
It didn’t come with any bolts and I pre bought some however they’re a tad long.

need to get a touch up paint on the bare metal and some shorter bolts.

Lack of an update due to having food poisoning:/

however I managed to get the scoop fitted on Saturday with some rare northern sun

car needs a good clean as it’s got dusty from the work being in the garage.

it’s bonded with sticks like shit and 3 screws so shouldn’t be going anywhere

Looks good, you're a braver man than me. I completely bottled it when it came to cutting a hole in my roof.
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No major update, it’s been afew trackdays since the oil was last changed so 5litres of fresh Millers NT+ and new oil filter done on the car today. Oil that came out looked fairly decent.

Taken the bumper off too for fog light removal
Post snetterton update!
No secret now that myself @Helpimonfire @jimmybell @burrellbloke & @EthanMenace went on a magical mystery tour to Snetterton.

Again the car was trailered down so literally dragged it off the trailer checked the wheel bolts were torqued up and ready to rock and roll!

Was 4yrs since the last trip to snetterton and the car is a different breed since then! Was refreshing to have a change of scenery.

Car performed really well all day considering it had some abuse by the local Clio thief Wes (he now has his own)

Was plenty to improve upon, car had plenty to give. Watching back footage shows areas I could do better at, but it’s all process of getting seat time and gaining confidence back!

Struggling to download some of the go pro footage however managed to get the one sorted of @jimmybell spin and a fast lap from the thief himself..

Was also nice to meet a familiar face in @Big Ben with his new motor.

Shame he’s out the Clio scene but after a passenger blast I can see why he’s made the choice… stunning more Refined car than a 17yr old shitbox :smile:
Not out the scene just the car!
Don’t worry I’ll park it well away from the cool kids in their Renault Sports