Beanys RB 200 cup

some presents arrived today in the form of 215/45/17 AR1s

I’ve had a set of 225/45 before and the side wall profile was very chunky the cars on 215 ps4 so won’t be too different even on an 8j

before anyone mentions I’m northern and a cheapskate for 235/40 :smile:

Post Cadwell Update:

what a weird one… considering that last week was all sunshine and lollypops. When’s it’s my turn to visit it was all seasons in one.

Arrived on circuit to be met with the gritter getting afew laps in :smile:

delayed sighting laps for just over half an hour and we got let out… nearly every Marshall post had the slippery flag out :/

throughout the day it was a mixture of sun, rain, hail and fog. Only thing that didn’t change was the bitterly cold wind.

was good to get back out In the car and gain some lost confidence

afew pics that local photographer Paul hart took

Bit of a late update..

Me and mr Supreme (@R27WTF) went to Donington on 1st June and whilst it was a fairly quiet day, there wasn’t half some expensive machinery there in a Honda NSX and various lotus exige V6s and Elise 250cups:hearteyes:

car performed well and a good chance to scrub in the new AR1! Sadly wasnt feeling too great which turned out to be the start of a horrid viral infection (hence the delay)

alas some pics

I also forgot to mention that my trackday BFF @Big Ben also came to say hello which is always a pleasure to catch up, shame he didn’t bring his Meglio.
Cadwell Update:

Bit late to the party, but had a good time at cadwell with the boys (@Big Ben & @Helpimonfire) and nice to meet @jwillo who was also in attendance.

Car ran smoothly all day and still a lot of confidence to find in the car when pushing, had some really good laps tho and stayed the full day which is a rarity.

afew pics from the day, sadly no pro footage.
71928596-CE18-4F78-9B8B-9B0A3B1570E7.jpegView attachment C524393D-4D02-4DA0-A1AE-57E9A439AE53.jpeg
Nothing much to report with the Clio sadly, waiting for the v5 back before she’s officially declared SORN. Will hopefully be looking to get out next year on track under different and new circumstances.

with the world wanting to go green, hybrid and electric in the way of cars these days the lists of company cars are really impractical for me so I decided to hand the car back early a purchase a 17 plate Kia Sportage.

Pretty much has ever bell and whistle known to man on it and it’s a big change in driving from what I’ve known mostly hatchback cars.

due to the license change and the capacity of the Kia it means I’ll be able to tow the Clio to circuit so I’ll take a leaf out of @R20BTG book and look into hiring a trailer for future trackdays. The the boot the size of Narnia it should be easy to carry all the tools and wheels

Post Cadwell update!

This hasn’t been updated In awhile, sadly as nothing has happened just been left on trickle charge!

however time to blow the cobwebs off and tag along with @Helpimonfire

Kept a glance on the forecast up to the event and it was never looking great however aside from a damp start, a strong breeze and no rain the track dried up soon enough and out came the semi slicks.

Car behaved well and with some encouragement from Martins mate Wes, we had some good laps which sadly I didn’t bring the go pro :worried:

was good to get some confidence back in the car and meet new faces @EthanMenace & @burrellbloke

also another first was that the car was trailered to the event, first time doing it and wasn’t over traumatic aside from a smoking clutch :smile: nice to drive in comfort to and fro a trackday.

didn’t get many pics on the day nor worth the official ones owt special to pay for

That last session we had was great fun. Highlights how capable your car is and how you can actually drive if you're given a little encouragement.

Also shows you need a diff...:wink:
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