Beanys RB 200 cup

Looks great, what are your impressions driving with it? You know what needs to happen next though:

1 - Remove the lower centre console trim (it's doing nothing)
2 - Get the local primary school kids to have another attempt at that blue centre console because they did a shit job first time round



I expected it to be a lot harder to drive, but it’s absolutely amazing! Just getting used to hand position!

ha thought someone might say that, yes now the console is out I’ll remove it as it does need cleaning in there!

secondly alright yes, it’s a shit job... but I could just leave it to trigger everyone :smile:
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Cadwell Park Update

Woke up to find that it was bitterly cold and on the way to the circuit it started to snow. Didn’t look threatening to settle as there was a brisk breeze!

Got pretty much unloaded and spent most of the morning trying to sign on my dad as Daves new system doesn’t allow you to change anything nor the ability to switch over to a passenger which I thought was bizarre, had to do it the old fashioned way with a form!

Got sighting laps out the way and decided it was perfect for banging on the R888r. got afew laps in before feeling queasy, came in and couldn’t shake it :/ was tempted to pack up and leave.. During lunch got invited to take some pics involving @RSRowe & the Track Baguettes.

Went out back after lunch for afew sessions and felt better with some good runs trying to avoid been overtaken by @Big Ben

Enough Agony aunt stuff photos....