06 nimbus 197 daily track toy

Small update for us all
Bilstein B16 coilovers
Ultra Racing rear anti roll bar
SW motorsport chasis brace
PMS strut brace
PMS too mounts
Yoko AD08Rs on cup wheels
Rainsport 3 on stock wheels
Sport cup 2s on speedline R3 wheels
Michelin slicks on Laguna silverstones
PMS rear axle spacers 10mm
PMS 1* rear camber shims
PMS front spacers 21mm
PMS rear spacers 10mm
Powerflex wishbones with camber adjustment on the front
Powerflex anti roll bar bushes
stud and nut conversion kit
trackspec brake cooling kit
PBS pro race pads
Godspeed 330mm g hooked disks
Mtec g hooked rear disks
HEL braided brake lines
Full rear axle braided line
Motul 600
Powerflex rear axle bushes

Powerflex torque mounts upper and lower
PMS res exhaust
Toyo sport decat manifold
R3 maxi induction kit
Battery relocation
silicone induction hose
Sprint booster
Powerflex engine and gearbox mount
remap by SRS performance
PMS air con delete kit with a.c.
Ported inlet manifold
64mm throttle buddy
Light weight crank pulley
elf engine and gearbox oils
Toyosport alloy rad.

Murco RTS Limited seats on PMS miunts
Sabelt 6 point harnesse and 4 point
stripped interiour
Renault sport mats
Safety Device R020 rear cage
Track spec door pulls
stock wheel re-trimed by royal full alcantara with blue 12oclock and silver stitching
Rear boot mat
Rear door card blanks
Boot net
Helmet hammock

rear wiper delete
cup spoiler
cup front splitter
plastic mirrors
black bonnet
black badge covers
sabelt tow strap
painted callipers
hella supertone hornes
Creation design half wrap
Twingo washer bottle
Modded grill
Removed rad support arms
Also been loving my new camera
Here is a little doggo video I used as practice.

However in a short time I've manager to get the hang of bits.
Well might be another update coming along shortly. I'm having some more issues with the clutch when I'm pressing on a little I keep losing my clutch the pedal doesn't return properly I can pump it and it's fine. I've also bleed it and can't seam to get clean fluid out of it. I made a peep hole and it looks like my slave is leaking again so new clutch again 3rd one in 8 years
Well took longer than expected but it always does this time however I have run in to several issues which sucked.. Firstly my passenger side lower ball joint didn't want to come out and when I heated it up well we know what happens when things get hot I melted the ball joint so I need another one of them. The joys and then my uj on my steering wheel was a complete pig to remove and had to grind the bolt off. Not ideal. Then I went to my pals to go and mod his new car. But came home and finished taking the box out and found this..


I'm not to sure the slave should be like this. Also was weird I found the rubber boot on top of the subframe God knows how it got there..
So small update yesterday I spent the night stripping the subframe and eating easter eggs so didnt get much done. 20230418_205228.jpg20230419_194450.jpg

Ready for the new bushes


Then tonight
Welded 2 bolts in for the subframe brace
Put passenger hub and shock back on
Drive shafts back in
Subframe back together
Bolt up subframe and sw brace
So just got the passenger side lower arm with new ball joint when it gets here then torque everything up
Put oil in the box
Steering wheel uj
Bleed clutch
Sort out gear linkage
Wipers and panel back on
Air box and engine back back together
Wheels on
Test drive
Then realise it's all in backward and I've got 6 reverse gears lol
Right all sorted.. Well kinda.

New ball joint and everything back together and esp/abs light comes on. Nothing unusual so took it round the block and it didn't turn off however when going back onto the drive I heard a crack from the steering and boom airbag light on.. So I removed the airbag code so I could focus on the other lights took my wheel off and a sensor was in plugged thank God that was easy now I just have no traction control and a check esp light every now and then I've ordered a new squib as it's going to be that and then hopefully I can enjoy it again lol

New bushes are ok you can hear the vibration slightly.