06 nimbus 197 daily track toy

Thanks Iain. I was just wondering why Pure have made new supports, but I would guess it is to remove the rubber part of the upright support as well so that the entire subframe is solid?
What a faff this has been I was sent on a goldwing day at work so couldn't get back on this until yesterday but after fitting the new sqib it didn't work then got all worried as the machine I was using wasn't working properly and I couldn't reset the steering angle sensor took it to string theory they had a machine and sorted. 20230425_125609_384.jpg20230426_191521.jpg
Height is the same. It’s to add rigidity

The standard uprights are pretty good though. It’s just another one of them nice to have things.
I thought Josh’s kit raised the subframe slightly like the cup racers? Pures effort is standard height to match their roll correction
Can I just say I've now done 100 miles in the car and started to press on over the last few days. Thought my gearbox felt a bit wierd. My thinking was new oil new clutch and not needed in properly. What it was doing was the gears felt quite stiff and Mechanical. However it keeps doing what its doing (high in the revs) but actually it feel nice and mechanical. I've had to adjust the linkage on the pms shifter as the engine had moved but it's changed the whole feel of the box and wow it's nice. The new oil as Renault now use Castrol and so do I. And yesterday first time really pushed on anywhere and I love the set up the coil overs are amazing the tyres work I can't wait to get back out in this on track and to the ring later in the year.
had a good day cleaning all the cars on Sunday and well took some pictures of the old girl, 20230604_150845.jpg20230604_150858.jpg20230604_150903(0).jpg20230604_150916.jpg20230604_170059.jpg20230604_170106.jpg

Also seen something on Facebook I liked the look of so got something new coming tomorrow also..
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Right so I seen the lufi gage and thought it looked mega so bought one ive been busy making the bracket to hold it and I just need to get my car back (i borrowed a car for the weekend) and thread the wires up and then fit the mount. 20230608_213122.jpg20230608_213128.jpg20230608_213201.jpg20230611_093340.jpg20230611_093430.jpg