1. J

    Locking rear brakes

    Hi all I am currently finishing off my Clio 197 to compete in rallies in The Netherlands. However I have a problem with the brakes. When braking my rear brakes lock up very easily, like I don't even have to brake hard for it to happen. There is already a rear brake bias installed, but when...
  2. Graham200

    Clio 200 RS - Brembo Caliper - OSF Hot?

    I have experienced a few braking issues with the car since I bought it two years ago. After a trackway at Knockhill last week, I fitted 4 new Godspeed G hook discs. On the way home last night, I was braking gently (as per the running in guidance) but noticed the OSF disc was much hotter than...
  3. Brendan C

    Braided hoses problem

    Hi, I’m having an issue with my new braided hoses. Removed my old front hoses with the brackets. Fitted my G-ridge hoses with the metal P clip ....but now no matter what I do, as soon as I turn the wheel they move and are rubbing off the inside of my standard wheels. I’ve refitted the original...
  4. av4625

    Are these brembo HC?

    Are these discs on eurocarparts the HC version? If they are is that a decent price with 45% off? Just over £80 for 2...
  5. L

    Clio 197 handbrake not working

    Hello everyone I'm hoping for some help before I get my mechanic to look at my car. My handbrake has always been very loose but now doesn't work at all. I pull it all the way up and the car will still roll. Anything I can do myself to fix it? Many thanks to potential replies
  6. C

    Track day brake recommendations

    Hi guys, I’m looking for recommendations on brake upgrades for my ‘06 197, front discs and pads (as I believe rears do next to nothing). So far it’s on OEM discs and upgraded pads. Mechanic I know thinks the cup setup is the way to go, agree/disagree? Car is only for track use. Mods done so...
  7. M

    Rear Brake Caliper Issue

    Hi Guys I've Recently been doing the brakes on my newly purchased 197 cup and for the life of me cant get get the rear brakes to rewind, the caliper is a second had part bought off of eBay. I've taken all of the fittings off(handbrake cable, bleed nipple and brake hose) and It still wont...
  8. W

    Which Brake Disc Cleaner?

    As above, what cleaning products / brands are people using? Discs have acquired a fair bit of surface rust could do with being removed! Cheers
  9. Martin-Notts

    Rear calipers

    So, I've got that old problem of the handbrake being slack and the rear calipers not functioning properly/not returning the cable. Took it to the garage. I've been told that the calipers and discs need replacing. Apparently the calipers Renault use can be had in unpainted oem generic form for...
  10. T

    Timing belt/tyre/brakes.

    Morning, Joined the forum yesterday as I want to get my 197 back to looking and running its best. Unfortunately I have limited knowledge which is why I require some help! The timing belt and water pump are due for a change, so I need to ideally find a Renault specialist in Nottingham that'll...
  11. H

    Brake fade!

    I'm getting brake fade much sooner than you would normally expect from an rs with Brembo 4 pots :/ i replaced my my brake fluid, blead all the brakes, and cleaned up all the pads. Pads are 50/60% worn disks don't look old either. thinking the disks could be warped a little as when I get...
  12. ChrisR27

    Rear Disks

    Hi All, Its coming to that time where my back disks need replacing i have a clio 197 R27 was wondering if these will be best option for the back Thanks, Chris
  13. Robo_#1

    MTEC Brakes - Review(s)

    I know a few people have shown interest in maybe buying some front discs for their Clio 197/200 from these guys. I took the plunge last week, so thought I'd stick a quick first impressions. I'll post in here at some point in the future to see how they're wearing over time. Delivery: I went for...
  14. S

    Brakes failing me

    Hi Guys, ive had my Clio for 5 years now. Done about 55,000 miles with it all good so far up until a few months ago when I tried braking whilst doing about 125 miles and the the car wouldn't stop as it should. The brakes initially started working and a second after the pedal went further down...
  15. W

    330mm brake help

    Hello guys I'm new on here and you can guess I've just bought a clio 197, as just like must guys with new toys I've been looking at all the different things I can buy and do to my little toy. I bought these of eBay last week and they turned up today and the offset seem a lot different to...
  16. ChrisR27

    New Brake Setup

    Just arrived - the postman was good to me today
  17. T

    Brakes Vibration High Speed

    Hi Guys, Some of you may have seen this on, only had my car a week so bare with me... I have noticed at high speeds in the car (77mph max:p) That If i apply the brakes I get some small vibration feeding back to me through the pedal! I don't really notice this at slower speeds...
  18. Jonny_197

    Rear brake piston jammed

    Just replaced my front pads with ease and moved on to the rears. Safe to say that didn't go accordingly!!! The piston seems to be jammed out to and however much pressure, including a vice grip it just will not budge, what could this be due to? Car is in a garage safe and sound up on axel...
  19. Jonny_197

    Stingey Renault Warranty

    I posted a thread about a week ago that I had a high pitch squeak coming from the right front wheel area. Had the car in to Renault yesterday and they have told me it is just 'wear and tear' and will cost £287 for all the brake pads to be renewed, I hope that includes labour time. Does...