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    Addy's RB 200 Project

    Welcome back and nice car [emoji1303]. Glad to see you’re looking after it well.
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    Akra Evo too quiet..

    Glad you’re warming to it, love mine. It does get louder over time and once hot it’ll pop and bang a fair bit.
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    Brake refresh opinions

    You can bed them on the road, just go out late at night or early morning on a deserted dual carriageway ideally with roundabouts at each end and just go back and forth building the temps up.
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    200 Vehicle type code

    CR0N I think.
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    Camber tops

    I would stick to a round hole personally, even if it has to be bigger. Corners make stress risers and can allow cracks to start easier than circles. Mine have been enlarged for a few years now and haven’t needed any strengthening.
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    New Member

    Welcome along, there’s a good buyers guide on here to help you. Take your time and find one that’s good - the bad one can be very bad.
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    Rentune Question and Specialist Recommendations

    As far as I’m aware Rentune don’t do maps anyway. You’ve got RS Tuning, EFI, Engine Dynamics or KTEC if you want it done properly. Just pick your nearest.
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    Windscreen washer jets only works when rear wiper is turned on?

    I’d possibly look at the stalk for that, sounds like a wire is contacting only when the rear wiper is switched on. Was there not some guide about stripping them down somewhere? I know there’s one for the lights stalk. Would cost nothing to open it up and see.
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    Another German

    Welcome along, it’s great to see overseas members. I’ve heard a bit about TUV, is it the case that it’s oem parts or only mods which have a TUV approval that are allowed. No way of getting unapproved things approved?
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    Covid Clio Cup

    Welcome along.
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    Broken Coil Spring....and other bits & bats.

    No it certainly shouldn’t be crashing and clunking. Something sounds wrong for sure.
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    Broken Coil Spring....and other bits & bats.

    Ideally you’d do both sides together, if ones gone the other probably isn’t far away.
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    Rear shock top mount

    Or could you not weld yours back on?
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    Rear shock top mount

    I’d have a look for someone breaking a car and ask them to cut one off for you.
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    Bilstein b14

    As above really. ACF-50 and socks will help but if it’s just a track car you should be fairly ok as I’m guessing there’ll not be many, if any, road miles through winter. My old ones corroded quite badly even when coated in ACF-50 but they never seized.