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    Car won't start - help! Electrical?

    Sound like a flat battery, give the battery a good charge. Might need a new battery if its still the original and wont hold charge.
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    TPI Wheel Bolts (Black)

    I got them on my car, taken the wheels off a few times since they have been fitted and they still look like new. Got mine from ebay
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    Rear brake caliper problems

    Thanks for the help, I decided to just buy a new caliper. Got brand new one for £75 so don't think its to bad, can always refurb the old one and sell it on later as there was no surcharge. Next question, would I be able to get away with just bleeding the new caliper or should the whole system...
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    Rear brake caliper problems

    I have been changing all of the brake discs and pads on my car and everything was going smoothly, fronts were no problem and everything came out with little effort. Rears were a different matter, the bolts holding the calliper carrier were a nightmare to remove but got them off in the end...
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    My car is coming upto 8 years old and still on original spark plugs, sure its based on mileage not age. Might be time to change them regardless now but car drives fine. Oil is changed every year as per the service schedule, gearbox oil is changed every 2 years for my own peace of mind.
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    Euro Car Parts Discount

    Thanks for the heads up, don't forget to through Quidco looks like you can get another 16% cashback ontop. Just ordered front/rear discs and pads and if cashback tracks should come out at £230.
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    OPTIMAL rear brake discs

    From eBay but I should be able to send them back at my cost, teach me not to read the listing properly. Oh well.
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    OPTIMAL rear brake discs

    I ordered front / back discs and pads thinking I was buying Brembo all around and when they arrived the rear discs are a brand I have never heard of before, OPTIMAL. On googling them its very hard to find any information, all I know is they are a German company. Anyone know much about this...
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    Is My Car Bent?

    No idea about the gap but regarding the corrosion I think all are the same, rust protection is very poorly done if at all from the factory just painted. When I had my MOT I was advised to get my radiator subframe and suspension component's protected before they completely rot, been looking into...
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    Clio 197 Door handle mechanism broken
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    Second Hand Key Fob Reprogramming - 2012 Clio RS200

    When you order a new key for your car they have to put in the VIN number of the car, I was told that all keys that are ordered are locked to that VIN and when you go to program the key with CLIP it will only let you program the key if the VIN matches. I have no idea if there is a way around it...
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    Clio 197 Door handle mechanism broken

    You need to cut the foam membrane to gain access to the door handle or heat the membrane and gently peal it back, there is a guide in the how to section on how to do it.
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    drivers door leak

    I would say it would be the foam weather seal that covers the inside skin of the door, if the foam has been cut to gain access to the exterior handle then that would be a likely cause. Just have to remove the door card to check, there is a guide on how to do this here
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    Another joke

    £400 to replace the pressure switch wow. I would say its about an hours job if that, front bumper needs to come off granted but £400 no chance. iirc the switch should be £85 + say another £100 to replace it, £185.
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    bad leak from somewhere :(

    I have also found the part on Dialogys if it helps anyone, that's if you wanted to replace the whole unit.