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    My RS('S)

    Looks nice see your only down the road from me ill keep my eyes peeled
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    O.Zs have landed

    Too true
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    Movember... Anyone doing it?

    Tattooist i go to is actualy tattooing a tosh on peoples fingers for a tenner lol
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    my gw 200 cup

    Nice choice mods aswell how you finding the spax im on the hunt for some coillies
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    Aftermarket hands free kits

    Very good this model is ive got one in my van do you have an aftermarket stereo i do in my van so i didnt require any additional leads you may do with the renault stereo though best bet is to phone halfords mate
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    TCR Wednesbury - Highly Recommend!

    Go see fred ( btm)
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    Clios gone

    Nice ry very nice what bits can you sell me off the 197 lol
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    Kerry's 197

    Nice i like it freds a legend too youll not go wrong at btm
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    2 GW's

    Looking good mark nice pics
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    which air box set up?

    K-tecs version should be available soon well thats what they told me a couple of weeks ago and will be considerably cheaper than the maxogen hence im holding out to see this
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    Cams performance figures

    Its worth it mate just for the noise lol
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    197: Trip to K-tec

    Thats a nice gain i bet the car feels ace now youll get some nice pops Off your ktec aswell once its coked up a bit
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    Megane engine conversion. Who can do it???

    You supplied engine gearbox turbo and wirring loom for that ?
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    Megane engine conversion. Who can do it???

    Im getting intrested in a conversion i must admit i do miss being on boost the comPanys that do these conversions ....... Are they drive in drive out or do folk supply the lumPs gearboxes etc etc what kind of price are they knocking them out for i dont fancy ringing around not quite yet got the...
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    First year.

    Tiss a good forum ill give it that very helpfull and i hope you got another job mate