Zubans LY RS200

About time I got on with this car again.

finally dealt with the manifold rubbing the arb, I had power flex inserts in all the mounts, kept trying to adjust the engine position to get the clearance but even if I did it never lasted and it was rubbing again. Found that the dogbone small end where there is no insert has split and no matter what I did it allowed the engine to tilt back, so the cure was a set of PMS competition mounts and once fitted and positioned the rubbing is gone at last!

so next I had the car corner weighted and the geometry checked.The car came in at 1121kg with fluids and half a tank of fuel and 1207kg with me in it. Not bad given there is still plenty of areas I can pull weight from it.


Overall it just needed a bit of toe out on the front as it wasn’t as stable as I wanted under braking and its much better now.

by the way anyone looking to have their car setup for fast road/track/sprint use etc and you live in the north of Scotland, I cant recommend Stephen at Sports car services in Elgin enough, I'd just asked for the geometry to be checked and tweaked, but he had the scales ready which I was delighted with.

Balance overall wasn't bad at all and he suggested some minor changes to improve it, unfortunately I'm at the limits of adjustment with the current setup, so finished up with 2 degrees camber and 2mm toe out at the front and 1.7-1.9 degrees camber and 3mm toe in at the rear. We would have increased it to 2.5 degrees on the front but 2 was as much as we could get with the top mount. Will see how we get on with it as is I'm hoping to get it to a sprint track mid April for a few test laps. I had a little bit of imbalance under braking since rebuilding the front end, and thankfully this last step has gotten rid of it so I can stomp on them hard with confidence again.
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After having the car weighed its inspired me to have another round of weight saving, one thing that always bothered me was my seat mounts which were pretty heavy at 6.5kg per side, and I wanted to sit a little higher as I've never been truly happy with the height of the seat.

I checked round all the makers of direct to floor side mounts and either the height to the top hole wasn't listed, or they didn't answer my queries, or like the pure motorsport set was not even as high as the set I had. So with few options left I decided to make my own so knocked up a design, purchased some 5mm aluminium alloy 6080 plate and 6.3mm angle and gave it a go.


First test fit


Apologise with the state of my floor, its getting repainted and a foot plate put in soon once I've done some behind the dash stuff.

Pretty happy with the first go, once bolted up they are very sturdy and rigid, and come in around 5kg lighter per seat than the previous mounts at just over 1.5kg per seat. that saving along with my new seats which are 2kg lighter per seat than the old ones, saves me 14kg overall. I only have one seat fitted at the moment so the car is currently around 1097kg (wet with 50% fuel) and you certainly feel the difference.
In my head, I class everything I've done to the car up to now as phase 1 which is complete. The new seats and seat mounts are phase 2 beginning and i've got a few different things that I'm working on that may or may not come to fruition.

One of the things is to implement a 16x8 wheel and 225/45/r16 semi slick for track/sprint use, i ordered these rims back in February and they randomly turned up yesterday, managed a quick test fit at the front and its going to be touch and go as to whether they will fit under the arches, but thats all to work out. they are only going to be about 800 grams heavier than the current 16x7 wheel as i can drop the spacer. The photo's don't really show off the dish but they will certainly stand out when on the car.

Et25 which will mean they stick out 5 more than the current 16x7 et40 with a 10mm spacer, but as these are 16x8 I’m expecting to have some issues with the arches, won’t know till I get some tyres on them
yeah i was referring to the change in et ending up; being 5mm over my current wheels, bad wording, it hopefully wont quite be 17.7mm as the shoulder of the tyre will come into play, but I wont know until I have tyres on if I have an issue and camber also plays its part
Et25 which will mean they stick out 5 more than the current 16x7 et40 with a 10mm spacer, but as these are 16x8 I’m expecting to have some issues with the arches, won’t know till I get some tyres on them
Good luck with that haha