no go on cadwell (nor thruxton sadly), though might get on that june donny day. and gonna try to get a brands day in late march or april, a different day in may - perhaps a forum date in aug/sept?

i think the last thing on my original 'to do' list is some track wheels/rubber... likely just going to follow the herd with MRF ZTRs but unsure as to what wheels to pair with it. any strong opinions?

Autec Wizards - original plan and i like the look, though would prefer matt black - arguably one day i might want lighter, but good VFM at ~£750
OZ Ultraleggera seem a solid option, expensive, probably hold value ~ £1300
OZ Superleggera seem like the wider option at 8J - not sure if MRF ZTRs are well proven on 8J or not.
Protrack One 7.5x17 ET45, 5 x 108 PCD, anthracite, 7.4kg - these seem to be FOTM in the bimmer track world, and middleground at £1000
not against getting some cup racers but they seem heavy, and hard to find.
any others? appreciate there's a thousand threads on this already :smiley:
Autec wizards I’d go for. Can get them for a lot less than £750 if ordering them from Germany. Some one on the forum bought some recently. Might be worth a search.
yes you can fit four of them in the boot as well73651578-DC2C-4F08-972A-523CAD719340.jpeg
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Obviously check you get the correct spigot rings for the clio but they're easily bought.

I bought these, Spigot is correct, they come with M12 instead of M14 wheel nuts, which is a fair trade for 300 quid off...
I bought these, Spigot is correct, they come with M12 instead of M14 wheel nuts, which is a fair trade for 300 quid off...
nice! not bad. i think Supreme had them for 760 so that's a nice discount. can probably just use the nuts i have.

I'll see how this month's paycheck survives and toss up between those and the Ultraleggera
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just been reviewing my long to-do list and i'm not that far off complete for the things i've thought of so far.

i think i have these outstanding (and added a few), for now:

1. remap / tune for mounts/exhaust/intake/flatspot
2. powerflex suspension/everything that isn't engine mounts - now that engine mounts are done (my favourite handling mod so far tbh)
3. light weight track alloys/tyres
4. fit steering wheel lowering kit
5. full cage (dash dodger) - following Liam's recenty crash, i'm inclined to say a full cage isn't a huge cost but the benefit is worth it, hopefully i could re-use the bolt holes lol. one for later in the year/next year
6. fix the aftermarket parking sensors - dodgy spray job on the inserts, need a liquid yellow touchup - anyone have good experience spraying this?

2,3,4 i think i'm going to push on and get done - i have the steering wheel kit already, just need some time. alloys/mrf tyres.. bring on payday.