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Haven't posted before in my 50's hence nickname.
and been a member for a few years including cliosport net when i had my 172 had them all since the renault 5 turbo and Clio Williams so do quite a lot of simpler work myself top end work just wont go down on her too old cant get back up and had a jack fail on me. I don't disagree with anyone thinking about getting any work done in Scotland should consider Rentec in Edinburgh if on your doorstep and yeh all decent guys I gave them a try when i was working in Edinburgh but i stay in Livingston slap bag between Rentec and SWR and i have been going to SWR over 10 yrs now no issues but have had hiccups with Rentec . Both have ex Renault technicians with years of experience under their belt. SWR those guys do all the work i get the feeling at Rentect the guys with the knowledge only instruct the workers as its a bigger concern . Had a gearbox fitted got as far as m8 and couldn't get a gear clutch not bled and gear links not popped on correctly to gearbox selector not a big issue but schoolboy error as experienced guy would fit gearbox and let young trainee button up and test drive? As i say no biggy but happened on m8 and had to stay in 3rd till i could pull off m8 and get Brian to meet me at mothers house as it was closest . Its been SWR every time for me only issue as they are good obviously busy if its a job you know you want doing phone early as bookings go quick. Just putting it out their more than 1 scottish renault specialist , Dealers don't count unless you want raped .


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Been using them since they opened back in 2010. Best garage for anything you need done to any car.


RIP Albi :(
Used SWR once, brilliant service and would definitely use them again.
Used Rentec in Edinburgh once, wouldn't let them oil the chain on my mountain bike.


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I wish all mechanics were as good as SWR. Been using them for a couple of years now. They sourced a fault that had plagued me for months.

They have a clio 197 and know the cars well. Last time I was up they had a track spec 911 on the ramps and have seen a few other tasty motors up there. It's an hour away from me, but I wouldn't take my clio anywhere else.
Like above I have been using SWR since 2010 on all my cars and family's cars also.

I have a personal relationship with SWR outside of the garage / work but when it comes to "ANY" work that I need done there is no issues or problems and its all done to a very high standard.

As I say they look after my 182 Trophy, Clio 197, Vw Scirocco, Porsche Cayenne & Now Vw T-Roc along with a few others.

When it comes to SWR you won't meet a better all round group of guys that know what they are talking about and deal with the work themselves without passing it to 1st/2nd/3rd year appearance's or a new technician that does not have much knowledge on a specific brand.

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