Rubber Door Seals.

I got the rubber door seals replaced under warranty about 6 months ago however I have noticed that my drivers side one is starting to go again.
Has anyone found a "magical" way of stopping them from falling apart?
or is it a replace once a year type of thing?
It's not the cost of them that's annoying but are they not quite fiddily to fit them yourself?

Roy legend
I just changed mine after 3 yrs it's just one of those things that are all ways going to need changing I'm afraid


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Yeah they can be fiddly to fit, a good way to keep them in good condition is to treat them with a rubber feed such as Einszett Gummi Pflege (many more on the market) and keep the pressure washer away from them.
Ah, did not know there was a product available that would help to stop them splitting. Will look into this. Thanks.