Rally Clio 197


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This is my project thread for my 2006 Clio RS. I will competite in the some regional german rally championships.

My first rally car was a 1990 BMW 318is E30 and i drove it in the last season:


But now it's getting time to get a faster car :biggrin:

Planned parts:

  • Allkofer Rennsport Technik 'ART' fully welded rollcage (identical to R3 spec)
  • 5 mm aluminium seat consoles, custom-made
  • OMP RSPT FIA bucket seats
  • QSP Aluminium FIA 6-Point harness
  • Flocked dashboard by ART
  • KW rally-suspension (R3 base spec, but with some additional modifications, external oil reservoirs, fully adjustable)
  • Kumho V70a 215/45R17 (K20/K21 - soft rear, K60 - medium front)
  • Speedline Turini wheels 7x17 ET51 (R3 Access spec)
  • Endless A06 brake pads
  • ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid
  • Tarox F2000 brake discs front, rear stock
  • Braided brake lines
  • Fire Extinguisher 2,4 Liter AFFF
  • Carbon foot rests
  • OMP WRC steering wheels, 350 mm diameter, with Momo hub
  • Aluminium engine protection, 7 mm
  • Terratrip Clubman intercom
  • Safety film for front side windows
  • Carbon door panels
  • R3 roof air intake
  • Custom-made exhaust system
  • Shorter final drive ratio (Vmax 185-190 km/h)
  • Lightweight motorsport dashboard heater (1,2 kg)
  • LiteBlox battery 2,3 kg

Target weight is <1111 kg (without spare wheel, without driver/co-driver, without fuel).

Design inspired by the R3:


I removed some unnecessary parts:

img-20140514-wa0005irytz.jpg 20140514_144834txas6.jpg 20140514_1459017mbtj.jpg 20140514_1518235uzss.jpg img-20140514-wa0003lklh3.jpg


vrjwu.jpg 84k1k.jpg z2j9j.jpg


csm_475551201006148_15hj4q.jpg csm_475561919010087_2nrkab.jpg

First test drive on a autocross / autoslalom (place 4 of 13 cars, with stock suspension and old Dunlop Direzza. The other cars had slalom suspensions and full slicks):


First tubes of the rollcage:



Some pictures of the current process:

z1s7a.jpg r9swq.jpg 1cpul.jpg



The car is ready for the rollcage now:


There are two other Clios in this workshop:


The top one is a group N rallycar with dogbox etc., the bottom one is built similar to my Clio.

Very interested to see how this progresses - a bit different to the normal build threads! :bounce:
New Pics:

srkzb.jpg 5dkls.jpg lxjaa.jpg 6weo9.jpg cik9r.jpg

After painting:


Next i have to fit the dashboard and find a place for my new, small heater/blower.

Does anybody know if the ABS will work without the small g-force controller/ecu in front of the shifter?
Just a small update. Fitted the dashboard and the new, small heater/blower. The heater uses the stock water circulation. Also i can use the original turning knobs for adjusting the heater and the blower. So everything looks stock :smiley:


I like the new lightweight heater I'm interested to know how well they clear the screen.

How much weight did it save?
Got my new seat side mount brackets, custom-made for the Clio from 5 mm Aluminum. And i fitted the OMP steering wheel.


Interior looks great ! Coming along nicely. You fitting plastic rear windows?

No i won't fit them for this season. But i will do so next season.

The dog bone and pulley will be fitted in february.

Some new pictures of the interior:





I hope to get my carbon interior parts (door panels and foot rests) as soon as possible. Can't wait to fit them :smiley:
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