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Hi all, thought it might be worth putting a thread together for my track car build. Some of you may have seen this taking shape on Instagram (@R20BTG). So here goes....
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I bought the car off a good friend, who was running it as a road car. The plan is for an out and out track weapon, to be towed to track days on a trailer. It will also spend some time at the Nurburgring where I have been going since 2005. The car was bought from auction as a CAT D write off following vandal damage. Why the hell it was written off I have no idea, it needed two wing mirrors (kicked off), a new fuel filler flap (snapped off) and a dent repair to rear quarter panel somewhere. That was sorted by my mate, and you'd never know. Good basis for a track car. This is the day it arrived with me:

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This is where I get a bit philosophical and deep.... The original idea was for me to shove it in the garage, do the work myself over a year or so, and take my time. Then during this COVID pandemic my best friend's brother keeled over and died aged 42 (I'm 38 as I write this), and it knocked us both for six. It totally put into perspective how short and cruel life can be. At the same time I'm in the fortunate position that the business I own is doing well, and I could actually afford to make this into something special. I'd already seen the black 197 on eBay built by Matt of Supreme Motorsport (@R27WTF) and at one point I considered buying it from its new owner. In hindsight I should have done, it would have been cheaper! :think:

I did a bit of reading about Supreme Motorsport and the thread that Matt has on his grey car. I also took the opportunity to have a couple of long phone calls with Matt to discuss build options, and then drove over to Doncaster to see @Beany 's blue Clio. After a bit of soul searching, some negotiation with the wife, and some sanity check sessions with mates, I took the plunge with @R27WTF.

I wouldn't say it was a 'money no object' build, there has definitely been a budget that we have had to stick to, but I'm a very firm believer of 'buy cheap, buy twice'. When I have been selecting components or suppliers this has been taken into consideration, and I think the build reflects it. There has also been inevitable scope (and budget creep). I blame Matt, he's very good at spacing out invoices so it doesn't feel like you're haemorrhaging cash all at once :tearsofjoy:.
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My goals with the car was to stick N/A. I love revvy engines, and it makes you work harder as a driver. I also love being the underdog on track days, battling with machinery that would, on paper, be quicker. I'm not chasing lap times, I'm chasing fun. I get my thrill more from late braking and chasing the perfect entry, apex and exit rather than I do squirting power between corners. If I want an acceleration thrill, I jump on my Ducati Monster.

Reliability is also key for me, I want a car that will take the abuse and keep going with regular TLC and maintenance, rather than constantly fettling with heat management, engine mapping, etc that you might get with a boosted car. So, with the exception of some light breathing mods, the engine is standard. The rest, well, the rest isn't :sunglasses:

Standard pistons, cams etc.
Standard airbox.
Aftermarket exhaust manifold and decat (heat wrapped).
Aftermarket exhaust (full system) with Pure Motorsport carbon tips.
New ARP bolts.
New con-rod bearings.
New oil pump.
New sump gasket.
New water pump.
Powerflex engine mounts and torque arm mount.
New spark plugs.
New coils.
New cambelt and dephaser pulley.
New lambda sensor.
Port matched and gas flowed inlet manifold and 64mm throttle body.
EFI remap (205bhp/162lbft).
New Bosch battery.
Mocal oil cooler.
Digital oil temperature gauge mounted in driver vent.

Supreme Motorsport gearbox refresh (new syncros, bearings, clutch).
Gripper limited slip differential.
Supreme Motorsport clutch damper delete.
ZeroPointOne shifter in black and anodized red finish.

Rebuilt OEM Brembo calipers painted in Brembo red. New pistons, seals etc.
Ferodo DS1.11 pads.
Mr Pink pins.
HEL braided hoses.
Rebuilt OEM rear calipers.
New Brembo front discs.
New Brembo rear discs.
Josh Wheeler fog light cooling ducts.

New anti roll bar drop links.
New steering tie rods.
Powerflex polybushed rear axle.
Powerflex polybushed front arms.
New anti rotation links.
Gaz Gold coilovers front and rear with adjustable top mounts.
Pure Motorsport camber/toe shims.
Cup racer geometry.

Pure Motorsport stud conversion kit.
1 x OZ Ultraleggera set with Toyo R888.
1 x Autec Wizard set with Pirelli slicks.
1 x OZ Ultraleggera set with Michelin PS4S.

Interior removed, full strip down and repaint in white.
All unecessary brackets removed.
Tylah Motorsport weld in roll cage to Clio Cup Racer spec, with additional roof diagonal.
Cage painted in Porsche Agate Grey Metallic.
2 x Corbeau Pro-Series s seats in Carbon/Kevlar.
Supreme Motorsport seat mounts.
Supreme Motorsport fire extinguisher mount.
2 x Corbeau 6 point harnesses in red.
Supreme Motorsport carbon door cards (front and rear) - retain electric windows.
Stereo and speaker delete.
Retain AC.
Driver and passenger air bag delete.
Flocked dash.
Project Carbon dash strips and centre console.
Sabelt alcantara steering wheel
Custom Volantech steering wheel button panel (horn buttons and easy-reach indicator and full beam toggles).
Supreme Motorsport carbon blanking panels (various).
Josh Wheeler steering column lowering kit.
Rentune driver's foot rest (powder coated black).
Tom Wright grip tape pedals.
Supreme Motorsport carbon door sill plates.

OEM Cup Spoiler
Carbon wrapped door handles.
Lockable aerocatches on bonnet and tailgate.
Rear wiper delete.
Rear boot mechanism delete.
Bonnet catch and release cable delete.
Supreme Motosport sunstrips (front and rear).
ZeroPointOne front and rear tow strap adapters (front and rear).
Supreme Motorsport front and rear tow straps (red).
Projector headlights with HID dipped beam, LED full beam, LED sidelights.
My mate originally bought from auction, so I only had one key. Didn't fancy losing it, so got a mobile locksmith out to cut and code me another:


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The car then sat for a couple of weeks in the garage until I'd plucked up the courage to get it built by Supreme Motorsport:

Off came the heavy, 18" 5 spoke wheels (sold them to a Megane owner):


On went some scabby cup rims on baldy tyres I had lying around so it could be moved/driven:

Started buying some bits and getting them posted to Supreme Motorsport, first up, seats:



Then the ZPO shifter:



Some used Ultraleggera's that Matt had lying around:

Matt gave me some early previews of his big brake kit and tried to get me to buy it, I declined (for now) :grimacing:

Had many a text message debate with Matt about cage colour, he wanted me to go Volcano orange, I had more of a subtle vibe in mind. I'd always liked this GT3 colour, so against pleading from Mr Supreme, I went for it. It's called Agate Grey Metallic:

Then the project stalled for a bit due to issues with the paint shop that were getting lined up for the work. Weeks and weeks went by, just waiting for a slot. The dog got bigger:


Rode my motorbike for a bit:


Then put it away again because it got too cold:


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