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There definitely is Tom. Yeah fair point Ross, but I can't have 'dull' 'grey' or 'mucky' as a theme for 6months of the year lol. I'm sure we'll think of some good ones.

While we're on the subject, if anyone wants to make some suggestions about themes then post them up. I like to try and let the previous winner pick the theme. But it's not always possible to get a response from them in time due to much running them back to back.
I'm keeping it in Gaz. See below.


After some discussions with the other site staff, and a bit of an appraisal of where the POTM competition is headed; I've made some significant changes to the POTM rules and information.

It was about time I changed them TBH, as it's no longer a Bi-monthly, prize winning competition, but more of an informal monthly (give or take), competition designed to encourage members to get out their cameras and have some fun taking pictures of their cars. As such some rules around timing, post-production,
usage and member privileges have been changed.

Please see the Info/Rules thread for full details of the changes. But the basics are, slightly more editing allowed, you don't have to be a paid member, it's run monthly, there's no prizes or sponsorship, you can take pictures of other peoples cars (with permision) - so long as they are RS cars.

I'll be working in the background on some other interesting changes in the background and ways to help make the competitions run smoothly, so stay on the look out for more changes soon :smile:.

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Please tell me that this month's number 8 is owned by a mother... Otherwise that's a waste of a plate :wink:
Sorry, I'm not a mother i'm afraid :wink: My birthday's the 17th March and my initials are LJF. I've had the Milf comments for years though! lol :smile:
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I could be reading this wrong [MENTION=5005]jakehewitt[/MENTION], but did you just ask if [MENTION=3387]lewisflintham[/MENTION]s mum is fit? :smiley:

Lewis: Pics or GTFO.
Yes robo, You read that correctly! Should bring her to a couple meets :wink: let her drive too, would just make my day!


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Lol, well I wasn't expecting this! Lol. I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to say and I'm definitely not gonna post a picture of my Mum! Sorry Jake :tongueout:
Beautiful, so crisp. I feel like My sh*tty DELL monitor is doing it no justice, it needs to be twice as big just to fix the image in haha.

Although £30k camera or not, you missed the cut off for this months competition :wink: :smiley:.


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Oh, forgot to say, @Robo_#1 - just a thought (and it may be a controversial one) but would you ever consider making this photography competition less about the cars and more about photography? So, a general theme and any pics can be posted so long as they are somewhat related to the theme?

I post around a few forums with competitions and out of all of them and as an amateur photographer, this is the most awkward to enter.

I think if you did the above, you'd get some more serious photography entries rather than random phone snaps of cars. I think this would be far more interesting!...

I've had a look back through the archives, and sometimes it's been as if it's a "who's got the best car" competition...

Just some random thoughts mate - I'd be interested to hear your views.
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