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It's a fair point [MENTION=3537]Tom[/MENTION]. When I took over the competition I did consider it, and being in to photography myself it made sense, and added some interest. But I decided against it in the end; I think the main real reason was that generally we don't have a huge proportion of 'photography' enthusiasts on the site (although we do have some, and some of those are very enthusiastic, and in some cases pretty talented), BUT it's a car forum and I felt that more members could participate if the focus of the competition was a car theme. I would always want the competition to be accessible, for every member, whether they spend their days researching correct photo composition or they just happen to have an iPhone and get that 'right place, right time' shot. Which is why I've refused to entertain arguments about banning SLR's, and excluding entries based on small amounts of post production - If people have the time and equipment and want to enter, why should they be refused?

(That being said however I would always insist that judging and voting be based on photographic merit and not the car being photographed.)


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POTM competition seems to have died a death :worried: Shame, it was a good excuse to make sure the camera gets used at least once a month. I also enjoyed trying to think of how to get a photo that would fit each theme (even if it was submitted at the last minute). I guess the number of entries some months was pretty poor though.


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I don't think it has, it haut hasn't had enough publicity on the site, I often forget to put an entry in.

Although I'm currently Clio'less at the moment..


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I hope Robo gets chance to sort something again soon. I imagine it's a bit of a pain doing a competition every single month though. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next one and be sure to enter again :smile:
Hi guys! No I haven't dropped off the face of the earth (although sometimes it feels like it), and no the POTM hasn't died. Unfortunately due to some pretty sh*tty work commitments (they've sacked half the staff to cut costs, but means I'm now spending more time out on sites in and out of the UK) I haven't had the time to spend on the site I would have liked.

Please bare with me, I'll be back up and running shortly, hopefully with some reorganised priorities and I'll get this back up and running. I will however be making some changes to try and keep this competition fresh AND involving (I think the new rules have achieved a bit of that, but I think some months we're one and not the other).
Hi [MENTION=112]Paul[/MENTION], sorry not had chance to look in to this. I'm open to volunteers to get this back on it's feet. As I'm just not finding the time unfortunately :worried:


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I'm up for a monthly photo comp.

I'll even dedicate some time to help run it if that helps at all.........


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I did attempt to get this back on its feet but we only had a few entries for an entire month...


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I did attempt to get this back on its feet but we only had a few entries for an entire month...
Perhaps it's a case that there'll be a snowball effect? I know that I am one of a number of new members so there might be increased interest with new blood.

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