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It's been a while so I think were due an update. I managed to get the car booked in for the belts doing early September. Booked in for a Tuesday ingot a call the Friday before from the garage who informed me they couldn't get a dephaser as they were on back order and nobody had one. Damn. I need to chase it up again but its not exactly what I want to be spending my Xmas booze budget on :laughing:.
Annoyed by that I decided to see if I could do something with these;
The horrible tint was peeling off the tail lights and getting very annoying so I had at them with my sander until it was all off and then set about smoothing them off by hand upto 2500 wet and dry. Back on the car then and outwith the DA for a polish to see if they were heading for the bin or not.
Half polished;
And done;
How much better does that look!
Not much happened after that, until the dash suspension started rattling. The roads on my commute aren't nice, they are absolutely bloody shocking actually so it's not surprising that some issues have reared up. Having jacked the front up I was disappointed to not find anything obviously loose so I didn't the only sensible thing and ordered some parts.
Starting with new non cup front dampers and top mounts. I should have bought new swivel bearings at the same time as I only had one side done for the MOT before so I'll get them and have them swapped into the spare hub I have. Now it's November I'm not feeling the need to crawl under the car as much though!
Roll on a week or so and the dash started flashing lights at me. Briefly and in short bursts initially but after a week I had permanent uninvited illumination.
It started with the abs and esp lights flickering on and off and then the check esp message appeared and stayed put. Then a week later it started beeping at me and saying braking fault. Again this started off occasionally but then as we were out last weekend it became like morse code as it flashed on and off constantly. A bit or searching revealed that low brake fluid can cause this issue but it wasn't below the minimum marker as far as I could see but a little top up has cleared the brake warning message and just leslft me with the abs and esp lights. I need to find clip to see what's going on in it's silly French brain rather than waste my time checking random things. The way it started it does seem like it'll be a dodgy connector or sensor though. It's looking like when I book it in for the belts doing it will be a much bigger bill unfortunately.
The pearl has been in constant use though and hasn't broken down yet so I can't complain too much, being dragged out of a 3 year lay up and thrust into daily use would shock anything into submission I think.
I'll finish off with a pic of the most perfect parking space I've ever come across, and in carpark that was 85% full too!

Any help with the warning lights would be most appreciated, or if anyone has clip near Barnsley and can read the pearls innermost secrets please get in touch.
Pop the rear disks off and check the ABS brackets. Mine started doing similar and they ended up being absolutely FUBAR'd
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Where you planning to get the belts done?

Lights look great, what a transformation!
It was booked in with JS Services in Rotherham. I was going to use Ricky P again but its easier to get hold of Elvis than Ricky!
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Pop the rear disks off and check the ABS brackets. Mine started doing similar and they ended up being absolutely FUBAR'd
I've seen pics of what's left of those brackets, made of the same stuff as the radiator support it seems. I'll have a look at them :thumb:.
Aaand it's broken! Took my son to work and on the way home having had my fill of motorway idiots I went through town instead. It didn't take long before I noticed some resistance to selecting gears and when pulling off from traffic lights the clutch bite was very low, like with the pedal still on the carpet low. At the back end of last year I had the 'braking fault' and an annoying beep on and off for a journey which was diagnosed on here as low brake fluid level and yep a top up did stop it. A few weeks later it happened again, I guess its a leak on the clutch side then. So it's sat in broke clio corner with the 182 on the drive:laughing: and it looks like I need to read up on the clutch system.
I've also picked up a can clip clone with the hope I can get some codes for all the warning lights. Well what ballache that is! I installed V172 which worked with the 182 but didn't want to know the 200 so I updated to V214 and that doesn't see my clip tool :weary:. Roll back to V182 and it talks to the 200 but I still seem to have isues.
So the computer scan shows we have some stuff going on! If I select the abs computer and hit diagnose I get:
Abs diag2.jpg
As you can see there's 3 active faults. So go to the diagnostic tool and I get this:
Scan tool 2.jpg
And then:Scan tool 3.jpg
So I can't suck any error codes out and I'm left no better off after spending hours pissing about on the laptop getting the bloody software to work! If I had hair I'd be pulling it out! Of course this is all moot now the car is immobile. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them, or even better if there's someone near Rotherham with clip and a couple of spare hours I'd love to be put out of my misery!

So what's the plan now then? The 182 is going for an MOT and I'll run that while I pull the 200 apart and find loads of other parts I want to refresh and then start to panic when it's still in a million bits 2 weeks before my Wales trip in September:laughing::laughing:.
One from the last jollie to the Motorist parked with my mates 220.

Next update I'll probably be asking 'where does this part go?':laughing:
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