No More Clio RS...


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So it looks like the Clio RS is possibly being replaced by the Zoe RS.

What is other people's thoughts on this?

I'm interested in what they are going to do to make it a 'hot' hatch but I have never been a fan of the Zoe's blobby styling.
Upset that they have seemed to completely axe the Clio RS at the moment for what I assume is profitability reasons and that we may have seen the end of the Clio RS without a real send off


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If it all comes about then I’m sure they’ll give the Clio line a proper send off.

The way the world is going they need a more mainstream car to take the mantle of going electric I doubt they’d run Clio and Zoe as electric vehicles.

the Zoe has been the flagship Renault electrical car and had won great accolades I think the after the blue RS prototype it’ll be rude to ignore that potential.


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I'm wishing for a RS16 production run as a goodbye for the Clio but I'm not holding out hope. I would be at Renault as soon as I can ready to PX my 200 if they do though

and I agree with the potential shown with the e-Sport, I am most concerned with the range and performance ratio but I don't actually know if electric motors and batteries are lighter or heavier than an engine and gearbox. if they add a motor to the rear to spice it up that obviously means range would be affected, to counter that larger batteries can be added but this means more weight. I'm sure the brainiacs are Renault have a solution though