Need to replace exhaust manifold 2010 Clio Gordini

Hi i'm new to this forum, i've got a 2010 clio 200 rs gordini (No 021) and it seems the manifold has a slight crack somewhere as it sounds like its blowing a bit but only when cold so points towards a cracked manifold. Unfortunately these are catalytic manifolds and cost from renualt £700+ so i found a cheaper manifold on mister-auto for £352.90 but question the quality of it. So saw Copper666 on here used a Toyosport de-cat manifold for £199 that seems to be better quality but has no cat? So the problem here is these clios have a pre cat and a main cat and it would be the pre cat in the manifold that you loose with the Toyosport one, so is the main cat enough to still pass an MOT with? because its not like a cat pipe thats easy to pop in and out its the manifold. Has anyone got any suggestions please ??
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