LY200 - too loud or blow up again, taking bets!

I didn't fit mine on its own so can't judge in isolation, but my car now with the light pulley too, well you can pull off on clutch alone and it doesn't feel close to stalling (well once the thing is warm, my cold start right now is quite bad!).
The main criticism I've seen leveid at light fly's in dailys is usually to do with that sort of thing, so I guess then as far as I'm concerned I could even go lighter it seems - so no issues recommending the TTV steel unit I have. If there are any negatives I've not noticed and when so many 'performance' mods seem to have draw backs with either noise, nvh, longevity etc, this one seems to be fit and forget I would say.

Possibly some of these seriously light drilled and alloy ones might be an issue, but the alloy ones I'd never consider anyway as I dont like the 2 piece design of those with the steel teeth and interface fit pressed alloy centres. Doesn't strike me as a good idea frankly and I've seen the odd story online about them failing - though usual take with a pinch of salt I guess!
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A little update after the track day at Snetterton on the 25th. Short version, made it there, tracked all day with no engine or noise issues, came home.

However it was certainly a difficult day. I knew going there my AD08R were not perfect, the 2 on the rear had plenty of life but the 2 on the front were on the wear makers. So when I got there I swapped the fronts to the rear because left at the front there was not a chance of them being legal on the drive home. Well...terrible decision frankly!
The car was very unsettled and as Snett was incredibly greasy even just warming up on my 2nd maybe 3rd lap the back just came round hard and whilst I managed to 'gather' (barely!) it up, I had an off track excursion and collected a trophy, sorry cone!

Playing with pressures and taking some out the back I got it such that it was more balanced, but the rear was constantly wanting to step out which was quite frustrating as I simply didn't have any confidence to push on corner entry, and when ever I started to lean on it, the back was there!! Totally different to how it was in the dry at Combe when all 4 tyres were good - so moral of the decent tyres before. I had my reasons not to, in that being the first track day in 3 years the car needed to prove itself reliable before I felt like splurging out on tyres for it. That said, it was hard bloody work driving it and I won't be going to the track on bald tyres again!
I also want to retract anything good I've ever said about EBC Yellow's, they've done me ok before - not lasting great but ultimately they've taken abuse without fade, work well on the road from cold, and are of course cheap. However.... this set!! Utter dogshit, totally wooden feeling, and grumbled like absolute buggery if you leant on them at all. They didn't fade, but they really didn't inspire confidence. A guy a few garages up had put a new set in to his 370Z race car, the pads were on the backing plates and he said he'd done 15 maybe 20 laps tops! Day was over for that car.
So DS1.11 and new rotors before the next day, I kind of knew this would be the case, but I was expecting the Yellows to at least perform decently.


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Any trouble with water ingress with the holes in the bumper Rich?

washing or heavy downpours etc...
Any trouble with water ingress with the holes in the bumper Rich?

washing or heavy downpours etc...
Not typically and the filter itself is actually sat quite far back from the holes which is probably why (it's about directly where the slam panel would normally be) so it's not been an issue in light rain when left a couple of times - but normally it's inside a Cair-o-port in the garage.
I've driven in light/average rain a couple of times and not been an issue, and the 1 time I've had to use it when it was absolutely pissing down I did tape them over with some green frog tape!! It looked shit and I don't know if I really needed to, but it was all I had to hand and seemed a good idea given how heavy the rain was.

I tape them over when I wash the car also, as well has plastic bag over the filter - I didn't once and the filter did get wet from the wash process.

I've seen you can get filter bag's for motorcyles, I may look into one of those, filter for your filter?! But I would assume they are coarse enough to not restrict any air but enough of a mesh to take the water out? I could just leave it in the boot if I ever get caught in the rain.

That engine bay is so tidy!
Thanks, it def helps getting rid of bits like a/c that would normally be there! Was thinking the cam pulley cover and upper arm could go crackle black, not sure I'd ever bother unless those parts had to come off but think it would look good.
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